First day in Kradia!

Some more good things happened and me and my four friends finally settled on which server we were going to. To describe events easier, I shall list their names. Hannah, Jamie, Monica, and Me (Steph). Hannah wanted to create our characters in Khaini, because some of our high school friends played there; on the other hand me and Jamie wanted to go to the less crowded Kradia. Monica was undecided XD. Finally after some bantering, I won the battle and got to go to Kradia. Im not sure what to make of it yet because I was only on two hours (I only play two hours on weekdays) but so far I like it, not too over populated and only one person KSed me. Another good thing is my oldest friend from Bellocan, called Chiko, joined us today when we started our nibs! Im glad she came, she makes things a lot livelier.

My first day started off a little hectic, since I was going to be a cleric, I was having a difficult time on Maple Island. For some reason Nexon decided to put slimes and pigs and stumps on the island, to make things extremely difficult. I died once because of a stupid pig surprise attacking me. After spending a frustratingly long time on the island, I got off and became a magician! (yay ^^) Now they have all these training courses that give you free pots so I got to save a lot of money, which makes me glad because Im an asian, I like to save money.

My reasoning for becoming a cleric is, everyone loves a cleric! You actually make a lot of friends because people are constantly chasing after you to train with them. Aaaaand, I dont have to pay for pots so much, since I can heal; and I can spend less money on equips. After level 80 Ill mostly be training with other people so I dont really need expensive equips! Its the ultimate money saver! Unfortunately, I am weak as heck and can’t do anything on my own. After level 50 it gets hard to do quests T_T Otherwise, I’m satistfied with my choice.

Well I have to hurry off the computer before my rents get home, plus I have tons of midterm studying. Toodle pip!


[EDIT] My IGN in Kradia is Biumarine, if anyone wants to say hi or give some *cough* financial help ;]

6 thoughts on “First day in Kradia!”

  1. I went to Bello to make a new char (intended to be a f/p) and I’m STILL there. D:

    What’s up with the stumps now? HERESY I TELL YOU!

  2. Yes! Absolutely ridiculous

    Dest1, that was probably one of the reasons why they are there, but couldnt they put them on maps AWAY from us true noobs? D:

    And patooie on you Kradia scorner! Its not that bad!

  3. BERA PRIDE! I’ve played in Bera since it was made! I could say that about Scania too, if I didn’t play on Bera. I have a Mark of The Beta. =D

  4. I bet they put the slimes, pigs, and stumps there so perma-island beginner people can live there without needing to kill so many nob munsters

  5. Hurray for Kradia! Now if only I played my lvl 20 Kradian magician w/ that silly genesis bandana. *uses umbrella to make sure MasterCheeze’s spit doesn’t get on anybody*

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