The Arrival of Mu Lung

Mu Lung arrived in EMS less then a month ago. Seems pretty neat. It’s got some eyes that I want but some that I wouldn’t give a second glance at. Some pretty neat hairstyles too including one to rival my Singapore fave, the Ballroom Classic. By the time Christmas comes they should have the VIP coupons out so it will be decision time.

Dealing with idiots is no fun since the only “insult” the can think of is ‘noob’. I want an intelligent debate for a change, but then that’s why I like my buddylist and guild. Speaking of which someone did an en-mass kicking and tried to frame me for it. Kinda backfired though since the guild leader knows I don’t do that and the fact that a guild message said that I’d done it was a bit obvious. If I’m going to do something naughty I follow the rule of not crapping on your own doorstep if you get what I mean I also follow the 11th commandment of “if you’re going to do something naughty, don’t get caught”.

We are in the middle of the French Revolution Event. Annoyingly you need to do the PQ 30 times to get the hat, which means 600 breads (since you get 20 breads each PQ) and you can only have 100 breads per use inv. slot. I need those for arrows. We did have a Monster Invasion last night but it wasn’t in Orbis. Boooo. Orbis misses out on Charles as well for the French Revolution Event and the Summer Quests.

We have had Orbis PQ added. Another PQ for me to possibly avoid. I’ll try it once I hit level 51 and see but I am not holding my hopes high.

Anyway take care and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. That includes KSing and Smuggling

15 thoughts on “The Arrival of Mu Lung”

  1. If you’re going to do something naughty, don’t get caught.

    *immature giggle*

  2. French Revolution event!?

    Kickass. Why can’t GMS ever have anything like that?

    LOL. CIVIL WAR EVENT. That would be entertaining.

  3. i liked it cause you used the word naughty lolololol

    nah i kid EMS sounds fun =)


  4. Y there no Canada day event?

    O yah

    Nexon said: ” I r America!”

    I mean we could fight a big beaver as a boss. And it summons loons as minions.


  5. Isn’t Nexon a Korean company? You’re thinking Nexon America that r America, Nassanei (even though it runs the Global version).

  6. vicelin said: “French Revolution event!?

    Kickass. Why can’t GMS ever have anything like that?

    LOL. CIVIL WAR EVENT. That would be entertaining.”

    Global Nexon ish troo lazy.

    Yes. Troo lazy.

  7. Nexon WISHES it was America.

    Or, not really.

    I wouldn’t wish America on anyone. Not even Nexon. </3

  8. You’re too late. Did you know, more AMERICANS are moving to CHINA and Chinese to AMERICA?


  9. Wow, we all fail.

    Let’s all go to china and work in sweatshops!11!

    I’ll be the CEO, you guys can just sweat it out. You don’t have to work, you just play games. =O

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