July 13, 2008
Today was a okay day for me. I stayed home all day and I wanted to play Maple but when i logged on i didn’t want to play after all… So i watched some Anime and the anime was called “Soul Eater”. I think its a okay anime but i am behind schedule on lvling my Page. By today i was soppose to be 58 or plus but I am still 57. Mhmmm… I think i will play maple the whole night and try to accomplish my goal. O ya and I played maple for like 3yrs but during school i quitted and my account got hacked so i had to make a new one. But i think that this account is the most successful during all those yrs i played. Anyways thanks for reading. ^^
I bet everyone died! =D
Have a good night everyone. Time to Maple. =]

4 thoughts on “Today”

  1. Y hello thar, welcome to MMOT. I breed Mudkipz. Would you liek some?

    Enjoi j00 stay!


  2. I hope you enjoy your stay here at MMOTales! ^_^

    Interesting day you had there. O:

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