So close to Ludi PQ

Sorry I haven’t written in a long time. Things have been rather busy both in and out of Maple. I traded with one guy who tried begging afterwards. You can imagine that I wasn’t very happy and instead of giving him positive, I gave him neutral saying why I did that.

I also gave up training at Leattys on floor 6 of Orbis Tower since too many people were passing by whilst killing the spawn (and potentially ruining it since the map is rather small). If you’re going to pass through, just pass through and touch nothing. Besides MP pots cost more then HP pots and the Relaxer is free so if you can’t handle that then don’t go through the area.

I think people have forgotten their manners since I also got KS’d out of another map by some sin (apologies to the sins that actually have manners). I asked him once to not KS and then when he kept at it I just defamed and changed channels. If you can’t understand English then stay the frick out the English channels.

Some good did happen though. Got free Silver Crow and Rower from a good friend of mine (I also give her stuff or first dibs on anything I get) and someone dropped a level 40 archer glove for me for free. Some dude sold me a 56 ATK (above average) Heckler for 180K. I know some might say that I took advantage of him but hey, he might have been in a good mood and I’m not going to turn down a good offer like that, especially when I’m going to use it in 4 levels time.

I’m at 74%-ish and hoping to get to level 35 this week. I hope the PQing is easier in EMS then GMS. The JQ’s still are as horrid as ever. The only one I’ve done is John’s first JQ (the one where you get the screws)

4 thoughts on “So close to Ludi PQ”

  1. The 4 lvls to LPQ are seriously the hardest levels. All the other lvls theres pqs. So its hard >.<

  2. I know I’m going to struggle or hate LPQ but I have the advantage of at least playing non peak times so partying and PQing will be easier. Plus knowing what you’re doing in each stage helps a big load.

  3. Wolfguy184 said: “by the time you get there you;re gonna hate it”

    Hey! That’s what I was gonna say!

    Anyway, once you can start saying “J>PQ I R PRO@@@@” (etc, ) You’ll be fiiiiine (But don’t say I R PRO just an example maybe in you’re 40’s range is considered pro)

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