Finally level 40

I have finally hit level 40 after much grinding, KSers, failed selling attempts, etc. I grinded the whole way because LPQing is near impossible up until level 40.

Now I have what is possibly the most annoying quest, even more annoying then Blackbull’s Deed, on my list. Yep, the Alfonse Quest. I never got the Nep. Honey even on my level 45 cleric. At least with Blackbull’s Deed you can combine it with the kill 999 Curse Eyes Quest and have the chance to get pots or a scroll (plus Curse Eyes drop some pretty decent stuff if I remember rightly). Also the main Nependeath map only has 4 Neps. and quite frankly is a bit of a KSing hotspot. Mind you at least you can’t vac there and you’re not going to get mobbed.

There’s a trick to killing them without getting hit by their spit attack. Their attack range is just slightly less then even the Mage’s Magic Claw attack. Just stand outside of their attacking range and let rip. As a Crossbowman this enemy will probably be even easier because of the first job skill Eye of Amazon (increases range).

So anyway I’m working my way via quests from Ludi (2 Eos Tower quests) to Vic. Some I may leave and others I may do. But I will have a look at them all. I might do Kenta’s 3rd quest (yes I know the reward is 10 Dolphin Taxi tickets and they’re worth next to nothing but it’s worth it for the exp from killing the monsters to get their DNA and for completing the quest).

Yeah my FMing isn’t going too well. Too many people doing what I call “randotrading”. This means they open a trade window and then they put up something and go “need?”. This annoys me to **snip** and probably does the same to others too. If I was interested in buying something I’d either advertise “B>{Item name here}” or look out for someone selling and then trade them. This is why I auction on Basil most of the time now. At least that way if people don’t like my prices, they can’t start being petty **snip**s and insult me or my mum. Insulting mum is my job, not yours.

So yeah that’s pretty much the skinny since my last blog. I love my new level 40 equips. Wonder what they’d look like with a Silver Crow. This means getting to level 42. Wish me luck I may need it.