Level 51, dun dun dun

Well, today I made it to level 51 ~

Congrats to me! Only so much more until I’m in priesthood Where all the real fun starts. I can’t wait! Leveling has been very boring but I’m pretty dedicated

We’ll see how far I get.. Nothing much to blog about, I crammed those two levels tonight considering I was in San Fransisco all day. I had a blast. Since this is MMO Tales, I won’t get into what I did heheh.

I leveled at Wraiths for 50, and for 51 I actually went to Voodoos/Hoodoos just to see if I can even hit them yet, and on x2 they were %14 per Wiz Elix. I was quite shocked (:

Lukless FTW

**Sorry my screenshots come out so sucky, I have to reduce them by a lot

4 thoughts on “Level 51, dun dun dun”

  1. a;; the real fun? after 70 you refer to 70+hood as real fun? GRINDING? theres been so many times when i almost fell asleep when i grinded!

  2. Congratulations! You want a free iPod now?!?! FREE OFFER (must have 5 referrals to be able to compete for sweepstakes)

    Nah, I’m joking.

    Congrats anyway. And yey, pics

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