I am le BACK!

Try to find me in this video. It’s a locking battle collage.

I bet you can never find me.
HINT: between 4:40 and 8:00.

So anyway, I got my computer reprogrammed. The dude said my Œn“ got ŒÌá.
I’m not gonna translate that, ask asians in your school for the definition.

My reason for the spam?

I was bored.



Oh yeah, the reason I made this account is because it’s the closest thing to EvilStranger; having the name of iPwn just isn’t me for me.

12 thoughts on “I am le BACK!”

  1. I can’t find you. >.> I see loads of people with long hair. You don’t have long hair, right?

  2. Do you have a cap? =_=

    Nice to see you’re back in a name that, well, that is similar to EvilStranger.

  3. I think that the guy in the audience with the disappointed/disgusted face must definetly be your dad!
    I’m gonna guess that you weren’t in it
    Worth a try! XD
    4:58 to 5:05
    lol, yeah, that’s a good guess!

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