I worked hard for this!

Hooray, I finally reached 35. I can’t believe this took so long.

When I levelled I took a suicide run to the end of Orbis. The tower of something…

Then I ran to El Nath.

I meant to go back after that but I wanted to swim like Mario in world 3-1. I swam and swam until I reached Aquarium and then I just kept going to Korean Folk Town.

I thought going to Orbis meant ridiculously strong monsters but I was mistaken. Of course I need lots of potions as usual but I can beat them.

This would have been a much better blog if I had screenshots but for some reason despite the fact that I mashed scroll lock and took lots of screenies, there are none to be found on my desktop. Is anyone else having this problem?

Oh, I love the new map. It’s very prettyful.

5 thoughts on “I worked hard for this!”

  1. I remember when I hit 35 on my first character.

    I rushed to Ossyria to screw around and man, I was infatuated.

  2. Try your Maplestory folder (wherever you installed your Maple .exe into) instead of your desktop.

    Yeah, and I remember when I hit 35 too. I went right on to hit 36 on the same day.

  3. If you want to go on a cool suicide run, go into the deep clocktower in ludi
    Grims and spirit vkikings make for awesome deaths

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