I had a pretty good today on maple today. I got some mesos(1 mil from killing monsters) and i leveled im level 43 know. but weird thing is i was multitasking watching the super bowl and playing maple.i was going for patriots because i wanted to see a 19-0 season(the perfect season), but to my surprise giants won. But the game was really good though i thought patriots would make a field goal go into overtime and win it but to my surprise there line sucked there qb got sacked so many freaking times im surprised he doesn’t have an concussion. well right when there presenting the reward my acc got to 99.36% and i was about to lvl………. i died so i was crying for two things and i was devastated, buy none the less i had a valentine card(lucky) and didn’t loose any exp,thank god, so instead of training on peg. or yetis i just went to some cellions and leveled. It was an ok day, plus i got like 3 mage staff, im pleased

unfortunately or happily(u choose,)

Ps: i put this blog after the screwed blog and mean to put before. for some reason i didn’t submit it. well the hell with it.

2 thoughts on “Multitasking”

  1. I rule in multi tasking *coughts*
    I can like walk my shadower and my lv 40 hyperbody slave from leafree to red wyverns in notime,with none dying on the way.
    Both at once

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