pqs,gach,and scrolling

Well yesterday i bought 50k nx, gached it and got around 10mill sadly….
Next me and a few guildies went to go pirate pq. Uh, we failed 2nd stage A LOT. The next day we tried again except 1 person wasn’t on and 2 people took his place. We killed lord pirate 3 times, i frapped it once but haven’t made the video yet.

On friday i also managed to get 85 matk clean angel wings, sadly the next day i began scrolling it. 1st slot failed, 2nd slot worked, 3rd slot failed,4th slot worked,5th slot failed,6th slot worked, but the 7th slot was a 70% and it destroyed my angel wings, which at that point was 91/3 and the rest is um history….

EDIT: I made the video, might not work since i uploaded it not too long ago.

3 thoughts on “pqs,gach,and scrolling”

  1. I hate when scrolls destroy your stuff

    then i get excited because it’s a thrill

    i like to gamble =/

  2. Well 50k gach is actually 57 tickets, all used on zipangu, my friends have used one ticket and gotten more than that, so it is sad

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