[Fen]Hunter Hunted [rewritten]

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Hunter Hunted.

1. Just the beginning.

The sun shined its last glow on the day when a legend was started. It was the start of a new era in Victoria, Ludus Lake, Orbis, and Florina. One of supernatural form. One of fear, darkness, anger, negativity.

Kerning, the first city to embrace the darkness, was the home of our two protagonists. The Really Old One in Ellinia, Grendel, employed them. They had the experience, expertise, and energy to carry out the harsh tasks they needed to do.

They were known as The Hunters in the dark-hunting circles. The ‘Grim reapers of darkness’ by the hunted.


“OI, MARK! GET OFF THE BLOODY COUCH AND GET READY FOR OUR MISSION! GEEZ, IDIOT!” A loud, uncouth voice broke the peace in one of the apartment blocks in Kerning. Apparently it came from the sixth flat of the fourth floor of the seventh block of flats in Kerning.

“Okay, siiiiiiissssssss” A crackle of electricity ran through the television of that particular unit, switching it off. It was one of the Hunters.

Mark reluctantly went into his room to get changed, out of his blue-lined t-shirt and shorts into something of more elaborate (and more appropriate) attire for hunting. Slipping on his Pao pants, which bore ‘battle scars’ and buttoning up his Pao shirt, he went out to the living room to see his partner in hunting.

“Oh for the sake of Mushmom! We’re late for the stinking appointment with that fat greasy bar idiot down the lane!” The loud voice came from-surprisingly-a somewhat young and innocent looking girl. She was decked fully in a maroon jumper and cargo jeans fitted with pockets. One could see a shiny blade peeking out of one of the pockets.

“Dear Papulatus, we’re late as hell!” Mark said, walking briskly along side her sister, Samantha or Sam for short. They reached the bar in downtown Kerning, it wasn’t a pretty sight. The entrance was filled with hookers trying to entice passers-by with their flesh, men rushing out the bar, covering their mouths.

By the time the two hunters went inside, Mark was harassed by at least five hookers, and countless people who could not hold their liquor had almost puked on Sam. “Why in El Nath did Grendel ask us to do this assignment? Doesn’t he know that we’re just teenagers?!” Sam complained to Mark, he just shrugged and moved on towards the inner sanctum of the bar.
They were greeted with a stunning beauty in an oriental outfit standing by the door to the private room. “The manager is waiting for you inside, please take your time.” She smiled sweetly and twisted the doorknob. They were surprised by how clean and un-dingy it was in the private room, it looked as if it was an office!

“Welcome to my humble office, hunters!” A bespectacled man in a clean pressed suit bowed to them, with a flourish of an accomplished businessman. The office did not look humble at all to the two siblings, there were at least five shelves on the wall that displayed trophies and medals, mostly said ‘Best Pub in Victoria’ or ‘National Beer-making Competition’ and a large ‘ZUCKS’ in gold lettering hung behind the manager.

“What seems to be the problem in this…pub?” Matt enquired, with an immediate reply. “Yes yes, there seems to be something haunting the room which I handle clientele!” The manager, whose name was apparently ‘Zuckarias Smithee Looz’ rubbed his knuckles together. “There has been a spate of attacks in that room, and my workers are too scared to go in anymore to clean the graffiti on the walls in that room. They were all attacked, all five of them!” He exclaimed hands thrown up in the air.

“Where is it?” Sam asked.

“Susan!” The manager exclaimed. The woman who welcomed them into the office slipped in through the door. “I am at your service, manager.” She bowed, from her body language; it showed that she immensely respected Zuckarias Smithee Looz. “Lead them to the Client Room.” He ordered her, pointing a stubby hand with a gaudy gold ring on it.

Susan led the two hunters away from the office and went even deeper into the pub, or hooker heaven, whichever one you want and into the Client Room. It was in a horrifying state. Star bursts of blood stains covered most part of the walls, chairs were overturned, the table seemed to be dropped kick in two separate parts, the velvet sofa was ripped into cotton fluff and springy noodles of steel. All in all, it seemed like a Balrog was let loose with a bait of Moon Rabbits in the center of the room.

As Sam and Matt walked in, weapons at the ready, Susan also followed them in. Suddenly, the door of the room thudded close; they were engulfed in pitch black. The two hunters spun around, only meeting with two blood red eyes, glaring back at them with vengeance and fury, yellow pupils like slits of a cat’s eye.

“****.” Sam swore appropriately, as her left hand whipped out her modified Tauromacis .50 cal revolver. It had double barrels, allowing her to shoot two highly damaging bullets, and a Sai fitted below the dual barrels like a bayonet, making it deadly for melee combat as well as long ranged fighting. Matt drew his heavily modified Steel Guards, also fitted with a Gephart on the fist, as well as five tubes of unknown liquids all in different bright and attractive colours [light blue, pink, yellow, red and purple].

This was not Susan, the body in front of them was completely white, like a skeleton, had highly toned muscles and tendons strung up tightly. It had a half-dozen serrated claws on each hand and feet, and a head seemingly as hard as diamond, Sam could see their reflections on it. The oriental dress was ripped at the shoulders, abdomen and thighs, luckily a scrap of it was left on the groin to prevent the two hunters from cringing. The hideous beast unhinged its sharp jaws to let loose a long tongue, it snaked in the air, its tip had a thin fragile looking barb like a scorpion’s tail.

Matt charged forward, Gephart-in-claw-in-hand, very much like a bull raging through a sea of red tomatoes. He pulled back his clawed hand, his other hand snapping forwards for momentum, muscles in his arm rippling with adrenaline, and landed a direct hit to the chimera-like creature. It did not even flinch. Matt, as fast as lightning, stepped on the beast’s head, avoiding the snake-like tongue to execute a flawless back flip and landed gracefully beside Sam.

Sam cocked her revolver’s hammer, and squeezed the trigger, releasing not one, but two adamantium bullets, their casings fell with a clang on the hardwood floor. The sound seemed loud enough to deafen a puppy’s ears but still, the attacks did not penetrate the beast’s flesh.

The monstrosity swung its prehensile tongue crazily, snapping off the walls and narrowly missed the two hunters. It regained composure and let loose a series of long-ranged and fast jabs with its tongue at Sam. Matt was a millisecond faster, he ran in front of the jabbing tongue’s path, as he fended off the attacks from his sister!

“Finishing move J34!” Matt shouted to his sister.

Sam got the message. She leapfrogged up her brother’s shoulders, and without hesitation, unleashed another deadly pair of bullets into the monster’s mouth. Its eyes went wide, its movements slowed, blood poured out from its back. Sam landed, with a back flip, behind the creature, fired her last pair of .50s at it. The monster fell, THUMP, on the ground. Dead, defeated and dragged back to hell.

“How many times did you shoot?” Matt asked incredulously, concerned with the rising prices in magical .50 caliber bullets in the Free Market. “The whole cylinder, what’s with that look?” was the reply.

Matt stared at Sam with a gaped mouth.

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Sam’s Revolver.

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