Anarchy + Level 50

Oh sweet anarchy. Let the people decide who dies or who lives.

I like that idea, really. Seems more…’power to the people’ than democracy. But lets cut to the chase, shall we? I’m here to blog, not to talk about whether anarchy is a better governing system than democracy or how my country’s prime minister is a penguin in a bloody iron suit.

Yeah, Ironman was geekishly awesome. The graphical representation of the technology my dear Tony used was…[/fap] Despite the fact that there was literally no spasms of romance in the movie, except for that rooftop scene where…Stark leaves Pepper…to get a drink…and never went back for her…Yeah, another no no in chasing a girl.

Give it a go, I think its better than Fantastic 4’s 2 movies. This ‘explains’ how the pseudo-technology works. Arc reactors, man. I’d go hippie for that. [I digress much fast now, right? ^^]


I leveled to 50, and for some reason…I can’t wear my stupid cheena hat. >( Guess I’m stuck with my Broo Pilfer till 51. =/ Besides, a STR ‘dit at level 50 after two months of…absenteeism in Incendiary. [Yeah, this is grammatically wrong].

My Sai [Stop laughing!] is a step higher than my WA61 Maple Wagner. [/brags] I’m going to get 1500 goddamned maple leaves and upgrade it to that yummy Asuka dagger or something.

Shinn Asuka sucks. Setsuna .F Seiei is much much better, without the damn SEED. That’s how powerful this guy is. [Yeah, had a homo-crush on him, but that was last year. XD] ‘Fess up, who doesn’t want to have hot sensual sexytime with your favourite animu character?


The journey to 50 was arduous. 5 deaths at 70%. Just when I reach 70% in the yellow bar, some random pixie mojo hits me and I die. D: Blame me for not spamming pots as much as I should. =/ Still, I survived the other 30% and went on to level. Heck, that was a major accomplishment, having only one character [This one, dragonsinXE] to get to 50 in such a fashion.

I’m no noob, I’m just low-levelled [and lazy =P].

Well, before that. I crapped with my favourite homies. =P We’re SS hoes.

Yeah, SS hoes.

Those were taken before I turned 50 [I’m old. >__>] Herb town’s nice. That boat captain gave me 44K exp for pwning 400 pots. Yeah, pots, those you use for cooking, not for getting high on. >.> Ah, the old days….

My husky pissed a lot.

We’re blessed by the Maple Gods. Bathed in light.

Alright, this blog ends…



7 thoughts on “Anarchy + Level 50”

  1. Hehe I always did SS’s before everyone I knew quit .- . Pixel memories ftw~

  2. I dunno, I respect our Prime Minister, y’know. Then again, I have the political understanding of a bean, so.

    Grats on 50.

  3. Wow!
    Awesummmmmmmmmmm! ! !
    Lol, I pulled a fenrir in fenrir’s own blog! ! !

    ~LaZzz. . .

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