Games and Names


I’m not a great writer, so uh…yeah.

No seriously, I’m having a really hard time thinking of what to write.

In the World of MapleStory…

I logged on today for the fist time in a long time. I landed near one of the GM NPCs, and received a blessing without really knowing what it was supposed to do. I glanced at the chatbox, and saw a massive amount of stat-boots. I almost did a double-take.

I traveled to Amoria, to train on those little creatures know as Sakura Cellions, because I am comfortable training there, and I am super poor.

So, with determination to earn some EXP, I trained for quite a bit.

While training, a fellow Spearman came into the map. I wasn’t bothered at first, because I could share, and I don’t mind sharing as long as the other person(s) don’t take advantage of that.

Well, he KSed me for a bit.

I’m too much of a nice kid to do anything, so I quietly killed my monsters. Soon after he left, a lower-leveled assassin (about 3x~low 4x from the equips he was wearing, not that equips are a good gauge.) came into the map. He climbed up the ladder, and obnoxiously shouted, “what” and disappeared. I proceeded to climb down the ladder to whisper him as to why he said it, and BAM! ANOTHER ASSASSIN climbed into the map. I climbed back up, and was about to go to the other side of the map when he said “cc”. I should have defended my map, but I obeyed. ._. I knew he would KS me otherwise, and that would have accomplished nothing.

I moved on to the next channel.

Surprisingly, no one was there. I trained and trained, so as not to waste the GM bless. As the bless was nearing its end, Maple decided it didn’t want me to use all of it, and kicked me off. Oh well. I just played another game instead.

And so we travel over to the Mabinogi world…

I like this game. It’s really fun. There’s so much to do, so it’s hard to be bored. The only thing is, I find it hard to earn money. (Like in any game I play.) I like doing Deian’s part-time jobs. They are easy to complete and give decent rewards.

One thing about this game is:

Why do people compare it to Maple? In my opinion, they are very different, so it’s like comparing apples and oranges. Sure, they have a few things in common, but one is an MMORPG and one is a Fantasy Life game, akin to Natsume’s Harvest Moon franchise.

Wait, I just thought of a really good similarity. They are both ploys for Nexon to earn lots of cash.

I mean, a lot of stuff in Mabinogi, you need NX. Such as the bank. You are given insufficient storage if you don’t have NX. You also need NX to Rebirth (Reset your appearance and gender, or level and age, or both.), and to buy Age Potions and stuff. (You use them to change your appearance based on age without resetting other factors like a rebirth would, as far as I know.)

I know this is kind of a contradiction to what I said earlier about there being lots in Mabinogi, but as I stated FAAAR back in this blog, I’m a bad writer.

And finally, we travel to one more game world….

Trickster Time!

I haven’t played this in a while, but as far as I remember I think I was training or drilling. I should probably patch this soon.

Yeah. Short paragraph. Except not a paragraph. 5 sentences are required to make a paragraph, and I only have 2 statements. So what would you call it now?

Anyways, thanks for reading this atrocity I affectionately call a blog. ^_^ See you around.


P.S. This is kinda random, but it makes me a little sad when people think the ‘X’ in my name is a decoration. It’s supposed to be pronounced, “EX-WOLF”. Oh well. I guess that so many people use X’s that way now it’s engraved in peoples heads that that’s what it’s for.

Imagine the following:

“Hi! What’s your name?”
“Avier? What an odd name…”

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  1. I used to play all those games. But now i don’t like them for some strange reason =O

  2. MS doesn’t seem as fun as it used to. Especially after all your friends quit it. Mabogini, just seems like a NX hoar game. Trickster, never played it, so I can’t comment on that xP.

  3. HEY!
    Avier is MY name!

    Lol, jk!
    Actually,a paragraph can even be one sentence.

    ~LaZzz. . . (You’re not a bad writer!)

  4. Hehe your writing style is interesting, so stop calling yourself a bad writer!

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