The Perfect Disaster

[i] I haven’t been active do to the AP Testing going around ><‘. Yeah this story is for my great real life friend who’s inspired me to keep writing no matter what kind of writer’s block I get XD.

Maplestory like sight, but based on a true real life story. If that can work… [/i]


Chapter One – How I Met You

The sky seemed to be dark and gloomy. Then again the skies near Kerning was always giving the impression that it was going to rain that day or week, yet rain never did come. The skies was a mere interpretation on how the world was in the streets and side roads of the half broken and half built town, the town where Jane first met the young man, with his dangerous eyes and treacherous smile.

Jane was just an ordinary mage, someone of no importance to the world as she came from the isolated town of Ellinia growing up under the hawkful watch of Grendal the Magician. She didn’t speak much, and her black hair almost hid the blue-gray eyes that showed the mystic past within her young body. Her tanned skin betrayed her from her fair and white skinned friends as they knew she was an outside, a pariah from their own kind. Still the segregation of races did not matter to Jane as she continued to expand and learn about the ways of the mage.

It was if a book had been played on a broken record, relentlessly playing each event of her life as they happened in consecutive order; the unknown birth of the tanned skinned child to the start of her journey. As if someone had been God and toying with someone’s life. However, Jane did not really feel as if her life was manipulated until she met the dark rouge, Malark.

Now Malark was someone different. He grew up in the dark roads of Kerning under the very strict Night Lord. He was the last person of his age to leave his master’s watchful eye due to his lack of discipline. Everyone in the crumbling town knew why he was the last to leave his immature ways, he was an orphan child with no family and home. Yet pity was far from what people felt towards the mislead boy, he grew into a life of crime and heinous deeds.

Rumors about an assassination on the leader of the warrior clan soon spread through out the island of Victoria, and Malark was the rumored assassin. His yellow hair gave someone the expression of someone who wasn’t as serious or cunning, but the red eyes glowed with carnal desire revealing the demon within the careless boy. The Night Lord was very aware of the young assassin’s true potential as he raised him with fierce and cruel expectations, the long nights and harsh days of training. If he hadn’t succeeded in one day of training, the next day would be full of gashing whip marks on his back and arms, his heart grew into a cold cell while his face held the stoic manner that he learned from his cruel mentor.

Yet there we was sitting down at the bar, holding his elixer in his unclawed hand, while the other laid peacefully at his side when she walked into the bar. His red gaping eyes peered into her majestic blue ones for a fraction of a second, just like a chemical reaction had just been taken place, Malark shook his head away trying to stare at some undesirable drink as the mirror still showed Jane’s calm expression. He felt as if he’d seen the last cherry blossom in bloom back at Showa, the last leaf falling down in the graceful manner before he had accomplished his assassination of the Yakuza boss with some of his fellow thieves and killers. That was one of his only happy moments, though his face did not show it his body felt the joyful boost of pride and ego.

Jane knew that the look on the assassin’s face was somewhat confusing, not only had she accidentally walked into the lair of the thieves whom she had been warned not to go to, she stared on of the most popular assassins in the face. Her heart skipped a beat as she looked pale and scared for her life as the yellow hair assassin rose and turned around to face her with the sadistic smile on his face.

“My my… I thought I wouldn’t have to see you again.”

She felt faint as a grim chuckle was heard behind her, Jane turned to see a half beaten yakuza member who held a rare and shining golden dagger with the Japanese symbols that could only represent “Yakuza”. She froze as the crippled man swiftly held her hostage with the formidable weapon that was place close to her neck.

“You know very better than to eliminate my sempai!” The yazuka’s breath was vile with alcohol as the dagger came ever closer to her skin. “Give back the crystal illbis that you stole from our loot!”

Malark’s face changed back into the stoic manner before Jane or the yakuza had entered the bar as he held his dark slain claw with his left hand. He burst into an insane laugh before he stared into the eyes of the man who held an innocent bystander hostage.

“The crystal illbis were never yours. As if you could use it properly! You of the pathetic Yazuka gang, come back when you are ready to beat me. Until then I suggest you release the innocent mage who only came here to drink.” His clawed hand held out two crystal illbis and prepared to throw. “I promise you these stars will not miss your bald head or the skin between your eyes.”

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  3. Very nice.

    If I can be honest, the only reason I really read was because I saw Malark which is dangerously close to my dead GMS main, Malarky.

    However, very nice. Continue!

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