Zakum Helm!!! – edit

I got my Zakum hat!! Wewt now i look like one of the pros (See picture) The battle was epic, it took me 500 gingerales (recover 75% hp/mp each) and 200 pink elixers! But i survived. im so hyped


Well I got my Zhelm today! The battle with the HUGE Zakum Tree was epic. I had to wake up early to start playing, but it took the guild that walked me through, 2 and a half hours to organize. I found out that high levels (120 – 150+) all act kinda immature and too playful. After the long wait (i was talking to Shiva, my pet dragon) We got in Zakum’s Alter. It was hectic getting everyone to put HP gear on and wall hug. The fighters were buffing and preparing. It would be 35 minutes from know that only about 8 out of the 30 people would survive through the end. The Eye of Fire is dropped, and Zakum is Summoned! I was well prepared with my 800 Ginger Ales, 200 Elixers, and 500 Melons. By the end i had used about 500 Ales, all elixers and 450 melons.The battle was fierce, the Arms were dealt with in a matter of minutes, but the Body, i was not expecting his big attack that reduces hp/mp to 1. I panicked and used too many Ales, but i forgot it healed 75%. When the battle is over, all the bishops are dead, 3 of the 5 buyers died, and only a 5 of the others were alive. We looted in order, i was second to loot, but there was an extra Zakum Helm. The guild leader took it forhimself, and after that, it was over! R.I.P. Zakum. I noticed that i now get respect and lots of party invites at PQs now. I am now hunting Red Drakes, im doing over 2.3k damage with cold beam, which is good for lv 52. My Zakum stats : STR 16, DEX 14, INT 15, Luk 15, Accuracy 18, Avoid 20, WDef 168, and MDef 157. From 3XX damage to 1XX damage, i recieve from Red Drakes. It’s really amazing how one small helm can make such a difference, it was worth the 40 mil

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  1. This belongs in the forums. If you write a blog, make it half a page long at least (to the [Most Recent Blogs] thing). Oh yeah, and gratz. But you’re picture didn’t come out.

    edit: gj, u lengthened teh blog.


  2. I think this is huge. And i am pretty sure getting your helmet would have made a really cool blog. Make your blogs longer please

  3. Good job at lengthening the blog. I suppose yeah, one Zhelms makes a lot of difference: it’s the difference between the has and the has-nots. In your case, those that have 40mil and can survive Zakum and those that don’t and can’t. Especially now in Aquila, where Zruns are controlled by an unruly mob that act more like the Mafia and selling of Zakum services is made illegal, it’s whether you have the luck and connections to see you into the Altar, and then whether you are lucky enough to survive, and THEN whether you are lucky enough to loot anything at all. >.>

    Anyhow. Congratulations on the helm.

  4. Grimno said: “I got a Zakum helm.
    Once you get it, alot of people won’t mess with you.”
  5. Um this hat is big!
    Gee, look at the amount of pixels in that hat!

    Yay, I got to drive the mercedes today!
    Wow, let’s just say it makes driving feel super easy!

  6. too bad i gotta be a slave to buy NX and play 24/7 to get to the eligible level for zakum -.-

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