New Character : introducing SinXCrossX

Well i am making a Sin, and taking a break from ShankbySpear. My new assassin is in Bera and is RAPIDLY gaining levels. I have only played on him for about 2 hours and he is level 14 already. What bad luck i had when i did the Amoria haircut quest! I got the pumpkin head hairstyle (see pic.) So this is by far the fastest ive leveled a character in maplestory : 14 levels in 2 hours. I will dwell on this character for a little while. I even bought 1mil worth of icys =D. Stay tuned for more.

P.S. I also sucessfully scrolled my bandits glove with a 30% hp scroll the other day. *wewt*

One thought on “New Character : introducing SinXCrossX”

  1. Lol What me and my friends do for is we make characters and then make them do a choclate quest OMG SO MUCH EXP When you do the basket, It’s gonna lvl you twice (But nexon doesn’t let you, so it leaves you at 99%)


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