“Wildfire” thru Chapter 2

During the October wildfires in San Diego county, large masses of flames engulfed and destroyed almost half of what used to be a mainly rural and peaceful city in southern California. The people who struggled to save their homes were pulled out of a burning wreck that leaped from building to building, and many civilian lives were lost by the flames or by the smoke and debris. The aftermath of these fires led people to fear fire, and learn to control it in the wild.


“Jimmy, go ahead and tell us the answer.” The teacher sounded almost eager to embarrass his students during class.
A short pause followed and Jimmy Stark failed to produce an answer. He was only fifteen years of age, yet people treated him like he was only ten. He didn’t have many friends, the only ones who wanted to speak to the ‘short, skinny idiot’ were only his teachers.
“And once again history repeats itself for Mister Stark.” Laughs came from around Jimmy. The teacher glared at the paper on his desk, which was empty except for a caricature of the teacher. “What is this?” his voice almost curiously inviting the rest of the class to look at the paper.
Eyes shifted toward Jimmy’s seat. He could feel the stares at his back and face like hundreds of small knives piercing his body. The teacher moved to the front of the classroom and erased the algebra formulas from the whiteboard, leaving it brilliantly shiny.
“Well, since Mister Stark doesn’t seem to,” He paused. “Oh, favor me, we’ll let the rest of the class know how much he dislikes the subject.” Jimmy kept staring at his desk with one hand blocking the rest of the classroom from his vision. If I can’t see them, they can’t see me, he thought.
The math teacher clipped the drawing to the whiteboard and taped it down for safe measures. As he was about to finish his lesson, the bell rang and Jimmy, as usual, was the first out the door.

Newly added March 9th~

Jimmy rushed into the classroom and found an empty seat close to the front of the room. Panting, he set down his backpack, which was almost larger than him, next to his desk. As he looked around, he noticed that no one else was in the room. It was just him. He flashed his watch and noticed the time was one minute, fourty seconds into lunch, exactly 12:01. I thought the Environmental Club meeting was today, he thought as he looked into the halls of the building. Students were still moving out toward the exits to enjoy another bright, sunny day in San Diego county.
“Jimmy.” A voice came from behind him, inside the classroom.
“Whoa. How’d you get here?” Jimmy jumped and noticed a teacher standing tall, also looking out toward the hallways. “I thought I was alone in the classroom.”
This new teacher smiled and laughed softly. “There’s no reason to fear me, Jimmy. I know you take a deep interest in the Environmental Club.”
“And how do you figure?” Jimmy became slightly hostile, his eyes narrowing to examine the tall figure in the light.
“Well, because the Environmental Club meets at lunch, on Tuesdays.”
“Where? I heard it was this room.” Jimmy carefully selected his words, not to offend the teacher.
“Yes, it is in this room.”
“So where is everyone else? How come they aren’t here yet?” Jimmy glanced at the clock and noticed ten minutes had already passed. He watched the second hand move from tick to tick, and he counted the individual time marks under his breath.
The teacher chuckled again. “So many questions, Jimmy. There’s no need–“
Jimmy cut him off. “And do I know you?” He questioned again, his eyes scanning for other students. There were none in the area.
“Jimmy, there’s no need for that kind of hostility. I’m just surprised that you actually showed up to the Club meeting.”
“So I’ll ask again,” Jimmy didn’t back down yet. “Why isn’t anyone else here?” His voice almost grew to a shrill scream.
“Jimmy, you’re the only one interested in the Club.”
The teacher dropped a bombshell on Jimmy. Fireworks exploded and fizzled in his head like the Fourth of July. Jimmy suddenly stopped and reconsidered. He sat down and stared at the contours in his desk. The wood lines just seemed to go on forever. The patches of darkness on the polished desk seemed to be filled with gloom and hopelessness.
Jimmy finally spoke. “Well, if no one else is here, then I’ll just join them. Nobody cares about the environment anyways.”
This time, Jimmy dropped a bombshell on the teacher instead. He lifted his bag over his shoulder and walked out the door, leaving the teacher with a sour taste in his mouth and a feeling of regret.
As Jimmy left, the school bell rang to sound the end of lunch. The teacher stared at the clock and noticed the hands of the clock. He particularly admired the second hand, comparing its fast speed to that of the planet Mercury’s. He muttered the second ticks under his breath and also added to himself, “Time goes by too quickly.”
A voice came from behind him. It was one of his students. “Um, Mr. Hampton, are you going to teach the lesson today?”
The teacher looked at the student and then back at the clock. It shifted ten minutes from when he last counted time. “Time goes by too quickly,” he repeated.

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