KMS New Pirate Job!

OMG I just found out that KMS had a new job. The job Pirate seems a lot like Thieves but different like for Infighters they use their hands instead of daggers and for Gunslinger they use guns instead of stars and claws like Assassins.

3 thoughts on “KMS New Pirate Job!”

  1. -.- Please combine your three blogs into one. Not only spamming blogs is bad manners (it spams off the good blogs that people have put in good effort to write), people are less likely to like short blogs too. Delete the last two and add whatever you have in them into this one, thank you.

    Also: Pirates are pretty old news. But yeah, it’s kinda exciting.

  2. i wanna be a gun slinger, but i hope i dont end up surrounded by dexless gunslingers -.-

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