Now im mad

This blog is just about scamming:

A few weeks ago i quit maple and a few other things such as MMOTALES

But i felt like i wanted to log on just for fun.

I came back i started a new account ScewTehDex

i made this account and bought a 8 atk wg steely and illbis

It started ok.

But i thought that my bandit was getting poor so i decided to sell them

I looked around for a decent buyer

And i see this girl buying it for double the price

Out of my own stupidy i trade the girl

I traded her and asked her if she was buying illbis and steelys

She replied yes.

So i put in the two throwing stars

She puts 33 mil i click trade she says faster

I was like whatever

so i put it in again

And shes like faster

And so i clicked fast

and finally relizing i got scammed.


Scammed i got 3mil instead 33mil

so i logged off i didnt even care.

I thought to myself screw this game



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