Me gusta el espanol

For those of you taking Spanish class, please kindly check this movie out:

Anyways, back to reality.
For those of you who keep track of my blogs, tell me how many days it’s been since my last one. I lost count. :[

I’ve been working really hard to pull my English grade up (did I tell you that my English teacher sucks?)
Currently, it’s close to a 40. Yes, a 40%. 40% DAMMIT, I SAID IT 3 TIMES. It’s not that I’m lazy, but it’s just that.. oh wait, maybe it might be cause I’m lazy. o_o

Anyways, if you guys really care, I had to get articles from newspapers today. Yes, actual newspapers. Like 80-year old people newspapers. Mhm, LA Times, North County Times, San Diego Union Tribune, yadda yadda yadda. So I was reading the newspapers and looking for my stuff, when I actually noticed some good stuff to put here. Check these out.

-Apparently, there’s a chance of getting arthritis from the air. Weather reporters actually have a meter that shows how much of a “arthritis level” there is in the air we breathe.
Next, how you can accidentally get an enlarged prostate from everyday activities.
-Someone was selling a “perfectly clean weapon” in the classifieds section. Details: A good clean weapon, perfect for attacking and defending. Call ***-****.
I wonder if the police ever found the victim.
-I read a column of a guy whose rant tactics were similar to mine, except he decided to describe the curse words he couldn’t use in his column. Here they are.

->From the North County Times.
1. Something that slows or hinders development or slang for a person with special needs–like our president.
2. A British term for a cigarette or a person with style and class that usually starts out as a Republican senator.
3. “Anus,” but more descriptive and ending in “hole,” but not “butt,” cause I think I’m allowed to say that.
4. A female dog. And something you never call your girlfriend or wife, unless you prefer accommodations on the sofa.
5. Richard Nixon was a tricky one.
6. This one has to do with a child born out of wedlock but who cares about marriage nowadays? That’s SO Orange County.
7. A woman of loose morals.
8. A woman of loose morals who charges.
9. A word that rhymes with trick and it happens to you when you’re giving blood. Also known as Donald Trump’s nickname.
10. This one is too off the wall. (what?)
11. Another term for a rooster. It still warms the cockles of my heart when I hear it.
12. Another word for cat. Meow.

-President Bush allegedly called back a battalion from Iraq for an unknown reason, but government officials believe it was because the President was missing his favorite teddy bear.
-It has been said that Sen. Hilary Clinton reportedly hired a hitman to assassinate opposing Sen. Barack Obama, but Clinton denies ever doing so. Obama says he will stay safe by wearing fake clothing and a fake beard for an unknown reason. Experts say he should look somewhat like this picture:

Allright, that’s all for today, I’m off to sleep now.
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