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this doesn’t really have anything to do with maple..but i really like it and this is my lalaland where i store all my why not..nways…I really need to fix my comp so i can play maple again..

The Tower to reach the Heavens.

Thoroughly bake the bricks and replace mortar with tar.
Today, humanity unites to build an impeccable structure,
to store the treasures and wealth upon this blazing star.
there, in the plains of Shinar where they start their architecture.
Heaven might become one of their many crowning achievements.
“He” shall show leniency upon them and pretend to be idle.
hasty French horns play to accompany the builder’s movements.
hear the synthetic and chaotic cheers for a false idol.
Eden can be resurrected they truthfully believed.
echoes of many determined men are heard in the fields.
enamored by this charismatic sin they had not perceived.
eager to attain this objective, they shall never yield.

Together, one shall never fall but override barriers to claim their den.
there are thousands of us wHo are descendents of oblivion.
tolerance is being re – examined by these arrogant men.
the Almighty refuse to simply grant triumph to the Babylonians.
One nation and one language that vanished into chronicles.
One ethnicity and one vision that is embedded into history.
obedience lost meaning when they turned all cynical.
obsessions over holiness destroyed their serene harmony.
Wrongful deeds can abolish an everlasting pledge.
words started to confuse them and became pointless.
wisdom is replaced perpetually with mankind knowledge.
when their attempts to restore everything became useless.
Egoism is a stepping-stone towards failure.
emulating the divine radiance that can never be obtained.
earnest greed blinds, making their endeavors obscure.
empires’ ingratitude and discontent can never be explained.
Recklessness and foolishness caused their names to divide.
reality illustrates that this kingdom can no longer delve.
ravaged and scattered across the world for their pride.
Reasons for our deterioration are inevitably – Ourselves.

i haven’t been here for so long either XD
– VanillaPocki –

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