Another good day :]

Only levelled from 105 to 107,
but i joined the MMOTales guild, met some new friends and generally had a good day
Thanks for the welcome guys :3

Went with Arly and Vice to Wyverns, we all died like, 5 times each before Vice gave up
Finally finished the Wyvern quest, went to go onto Newties as planned and Arly went AFK, and i got distracted by FoJ, which i epically failed, got owned by a Sader and a DK XD

Finally, left to watch Peep Show etc

Very nice ;O

One thought on “Another good day :]”

  1. You know what sucks? Vomit and rotten egg-flavored jelly beans. Some of those in a box of Bertie’s Beans I got recently. xO

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