Nothing much.

I don’t really have that much to say. Just randomness because once again, I don’t want to annoy the people on my LJ with random Maple stuff they won’t read anyway. Heh.

My cleric is level 39 now, and at 84%. I have a bad habit of stopping my training right before I level. Oh well. It will still be there when I get back.

Getting mesos on Maple is so much easier than it was three years ago when I first started playing. I remember back then, it took ages for me to even get one million. I don’t think I ever got over 5mil on my first partially successful character (level 51 cleric). I’m level 39 on this cleric and already have about 13mil. I know that’s not a lot to some people, but it is to me considering that I don’t go around trying to make the money. All of that is from scrolls I got out of quests.

Anyway. I love Mardia way more than I ever loved Scania (sorry Scania peoples). It’s so much quieter there. I can train about anywhere I want and hardly ever run into anyone else trying to train there. That can’t be said in Scania. I might eventually transfer my F/P mage over to Mardia, but I’m not sure. I’d like to, but my mage is married. The guy paid for the wedding, so I’d hate for him to waste his money like that. That was almost a year ago (and I’ve been inactive for almost half that time), but still. *shrug* He’d probably understand and not really be upset about it. Even if he didn’t, it wouldn’t really matter since I’d never see him again *cough* But I’d really hate to make him waste that money he spent on it.

At the moment on my cleric, I’m mostly attempting to find my equipments. There aren’t really that many things on Basil for them, and FM gives me a headache. I don’t have the NX for owls to search for everything, so it’s a little annoying to have to go through everything to find things. So far I found my level 40 shoes from Plantoon Chronos. Now to just try and get an Esther Shield from them -.- Plantoons are a tad annoying at my level.. I can kill them, but it’s perhaps not the most effective way to train. At the same time, I don’t really use that many pots so I can live with it as long as I eventually get what I want from them.

Oh, and I’m also considering just buying a Spiegalmann Necklace (or however you spell the guy’s name). I can CPQ for one. But I find CPQ annoying. I know it’s good exp, but the way I’ve been playing Maple for the past few years has been by training. PQs tended to come out after I got past the level I could do them, so I always just trained instead. Plus I always get in parties full of idiots *shrug* They’re not that expensive. I can get an average one for about 1.5mil and a +2 int for about 3.5mil… according to the current auctions. I dunno. Maybe I’ll get one through CPQ. Maybe I’ll buy one. Maybe I’ll just decide not to get one at all.

5 thoughts on “Nothing much.”

  1. 13 mil is a lot.

    To me, anyway.

    On all of my old GMS accounts total (three of them), I had about . . . 40 mil ._.

  2. Yes, but you can still put your mesos into items to bring over (and hope the items are worth the same or more in the server you’re moving to), if you can get them sold off.

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