[Fanfic]The Devil’s Child 3-4

Note,the Brotherhood is actually a guild in Henesys.
Chapter 3-The starting of a bond
Hours after hours passed, and he was still stranded on the tree. In a attempt to get rid of the slimes, he threw twigs and leaves at them, only to piss them further .Board, he began to climb up the branches of the tree, never occurring to him that the branches above were the filmiest.

He found himself loosing a precious foothold as a thin branch broke off. The others that he was holding soon gave way and he found himself falling. He hit his head on a branch in the process, rendering him unconscious as he dropped to the ground.

Something was poking him, as he struggled to open his eyes. It was talking….to him? it seems. It took him a moment to recover his senses.

’’What are you? Slimezilla?’’ a voice snarled at him, annoyed.

A orange headed girl,slightly older then him by the looks of it, was jabbing him with a twig .Confused, he looked around him. It was already evening and eeeuu,he was covered all over in slime. The girl giggled, and threw a towel in his face.

‘Well’, she murmured,’I was walking by and I saw you unconscious in a pile of gloop .My you sure take a hell long time to wake up’ her voice trailed off. Her facial expression changed suddenly.

’OH GOD! You fell off the tree and kill a mob of slimes below as you landed on them?! ‘She was laughing now, as she pointed to the broken branches and slime gloop spewed all over the bark of the tree.

’I did not!’ He murmured back, his face burning red with embarrassment.

The girl ignored him.

’Heys! Look away for a moment, would ya?’She suddenly said.

He did as he was told, and when he turned back, he was amazed to see that she had gotten a fire starting.

‘How…how’d you do that?’ he stammered.

She could not be a fire and poison mage as they require their staff or wand to do magical based attacks in the first place. He could see no wand nor staff with nor near her, nor any place where she could had hidden it.

‘ I am Rhode’ she introduced herself, staring at the fire,’ What’s yours?’

‘L..Leon, pleasure to meet you’ he replied, offering his hand for a handshake. Rhode took it.

His curiosity burned inside him, but his timid ness pinned him down. Looking at his hesitant face, Rhode figured out that he must be curious over the fire incident.

‘Look, I ain’t got a Class, if you were wondering, but keep it a secret kay?’

Leon gasped. How could one have no Class? Everyone was born into one. It was embedded into the blood at birth.

She saw his expression. Furious, she poked him.

‘Kay?’She asked again.

‘Sure’ he stammered, confused.

The two stared at the fire for some time.

‘Thanks by the way’ Leon suddenly said. Rhode replied with a smile.

‘Say, where do you live? You got a sprained ankle you know’ Her expression became serious.

Leon wiggled his toes and winced. He had never known that he had hurt himself from the fall. Seeing the absent minded look of his, she sighed.

‘I bring you there tomorrow, so rest up.It’s too dangerous to move around at night’

‘Yeh’,Leon replied, looking slightly unhappy. It sure wouldn’t be pleasant returning back to town. The Brotherhood would be sure to give him a hard time, plus he’d never ever be allowed to join them, ever. As if they would in the first place.

He soon fell asleep.

Rhode stared yet again into the fire, thinking deeply about something. She shooed it off, and went to sleep.

Chapter 4-Food for thought
The rumbling of his stomach woke him up, as if it was an alarm clock. A wonderful aroma greeted him. He looked around, noticing that Rhode was cooking something. Upon closer look, he saw that she was cooking meat. What kind? He could not tell.

One thing for sure, it sure did look tasty.

She threw a fork at him.

‘DUDE!Dont breath over the food, we are eating that you know!’ She retorted.

Startled, Leon redraw from the area, sitting quietly in the background awaiting his meal. Rhode replied his funny gesture with yet another smile.

‘I aint’t goanna eat you, you know?

She teased him a little, handing his meat-on-a-stick meal. The both wolfed their share down in a heartbeat.

‘What meat was that?

Rhode grinned.

‘Rabbit’ She replied’ I was board so I made a few arrows out of twigs..’she paused’ then I kind of tested them out with your bow , seeing that that a rabbit was eating your hat and all’ she pointed to where his hat was left. There were gnaw marks on it.’ Makes good bait doesn’t it?’ She added on.

Leon gave her a horrified look.

That must have cost him a fortune, Rhode guessed, judging from his expression.

‘Let’s go!’ Rhode said suddenly, picking up her stuff. Leon did the same and they set off. He leaned over Rhode for support.

‘Geese you sure are heavy’ she complained, after walking for awhile.’ How far more?’

‘Just over there’re pointed to a hill.

‘I am going to kill you! You are heavy!’ Rhode furiously replied, as she struggles to support him.

They would reach the village around midday, she assumed.

Link to part 1-2 >>>http://www.mmotales.com/blog/25158/0/Maple-Story-FanFic_The_Devils_Child.html
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