im tired of that…

im tired of noob say: mesos plox! or: mesos plox or i defame u! they so…. i dont know stupid! go get you money by yourself! or i kill you with my shotgun! but not all the noob want to say:mesos plox! to other people. in maple that one thing that piss me off!

3 thoughts on “im tired of that…”

  1. I agree. They really need to learn how to make their own mesos. Not everything is free.

    Although, whenever I feel generous, I give them some mesos, and not one thank you from any of them. It pisses me off also.

    EDIT: I forgot. Welcome to MMOTales. Try and put your thoughts in one blog so your other blogs don’t push down others.

    EDITEDIT: And don’t forget to work on your spelling and grammar. We here at MMOTales treasure and love those two things very much.

  2. iSPADE I’m the resident crazy “person” overall. . .

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