[FanFic] The Devil’s Child

Chapter 1 – Birth

The Devil’s Children. Commonly known as the Devil’s War.A popular folktale.
As it goes, the Devil, ruler of Hell, got greedy and wanted to expend his kingdom to Earth. But however, he could not pass through the gates of Hell thanks to the Imprisonment Seal on him. Cunningly, he crafted a boy and girl soul out of his own blood and sent them to Earth, where they were born. They would rule Earth in his place.

Furious when the Gods realised what the Devil had done, they sent a messenger down to Earth to warn the humans. However, the message backfired, creating chaos and panic. The human race was just not ready for such things.

In fear and hate, they begun all sorts of practices hoping that it would cure the problem. People armed themselves and learnt how to fight, thus the Four Jobs were born. Some fought with arrows, some fought with strength, some fought with magic and some fought with stealth. Sacrifices and slaughter grew throughout the world. Anyone who seemed to match the personality of the Devil was murdered in all kinds of ways. But as the years passed without much trace of ‘The Devil’s Children’ the humans dumped their blame the gods for their inhuman acts.

Little did they know that the Gods were not lying.

Chapter 2 – Escape
A scrawny boy, a level 2x bowmen by the looks of it, ran as fast as he could, his golden brown hair glistering in the sunlight. Behind, a gigantic mob of monster slimes were furiously chasing after him. Thinking back, he cursed himself for being so stupid. In his desperate attempt yet again to join the Brotherhood in the village, he asked them to give him a challenge that would prove him worthy enough to join. Pissed off at his never dying spirit, they gave him the challenge he so sought for, one that he will never complete. He realised it now, why they were suddenly so willing to give him a chance.

He turned back to see if the mob of slimes had given up, but they had not. To make matters worst, they were gaining up on him, or was he slowing down? He could not tell.

Once more he cursed himself for being so careless. How could he have not noticed that there was a baby slime sleeping on the ground, near its family? And how could he had been as careless as to step on it? Waves of feelings washed through him, giving him some strength to sprint off. He knew that he could finish off a slime with one blow, but it was impossible to take out a mob at his current speed. They would have catch up with him by his 3rd blow or so, he assumed.

He spied a tree not far away and an idea popped into his head.

’ Double shot!’ He roared, as he released the string from his bow.

Two flimsy arrows flew across the field and landed in the trunk of the tree. As he neared, he jumped up the trunk, using the arrows embedded in the bark as footholds.

He sat on a branch and recovered his breath. Awhile later, he peered down to check on the slimes. Stubborn as they are, they were at the foot of the tree, still waiting for him. He reached his quiver for some arrows to snipe them down, only to realise that he had run out of arrows. He slapped himself for his stupidity and bad luck, nearly falling off the branch in the process.’ ‘You fool!’ he sighed bitterly to himself, twanging the string of his bow to pass the time.

-My fanfic!Finally something that dosn’t end in one page. (I have a habbit of not completing my storys )
I wanted to make a comic orginally,but decided that my drawing suxed to much to do that,thus made a story.Then the story kinda suxed so i decided to make the comic,but ended up revamping the story and make a comic based on that.
Did you follow?
Oh yea,the comic is barely past chapter 1 and it’s not even inked yet.

Some People Never Get It.
Well,I have this fellow guildmate in my guild for a long time aready.Since the day he joined,I could see the reason to dislike him.Several people too disliked him,and all for the same reasons (most of it,aniway).Why so?

-He talks like this.
He talks like this.
He talks like this.
He has the habbit of spamming,of which i dont know why.No matter how many times I and the others tell him,he still does so.

-You talking to me?
I not talking to you lah.
He dosnt even know when you are talking to him,even when there are only 2 people online in the guild.And sometimes if you butt in to suggest or comment something,he actually can reply ‘I not talking to you lah’ back at you.

-He makes jokes that arnt funny…At All.
Though i take things seriousely (unless i am joking around) , I am not kidding.When he gets himself into a tense situation,he can actually say he is joking,which dosnt even make proper sence at all.No examples though,I’ll try get some > <

-He showoffs and lies.
When he 1st joined,we shortly became aware that he had over 100m+ ,or SO he CLAIMS.
NO1 in the guild has EVER seen a part of his mesos nor equipments before.Not even his damage.Afew times,he said he (Stage 1) dropped something valuable and lost it (like drop games).Thats his problem,but the irraitating thing is,everytime after that,he would say(Stage 2) ‘I pm Looter but never get back item’ then (Stage 3) ‘No big deal,I go FM buy back le’.
It’s always the same story.More recently,he adds on ‘Nvm I 2morro get cash from my friend go gacha earn back’ or ‘i go buy mesos from my friend’ ,of which he is always sure to highlight ‘i got it for free’.I wonder,if he is really not lying,who are his friends?Because he recently claims he boombed over 90m worth of luk overalls,of which they wernt godly in the 1st place.A 27Luk bathrobe,which i owned,fetches around 85m.At least 3 10% passes.His?All 1st slot 10% passed rest 70%.He has got to scroll past a 30Luk one to even earn back what he has lost after scrolling.Oh yar,his char is Female,and female scrolled bathrobes are worth even lesser.His responce to loosing 90m?’Nmv,i 2mro go gacha my friend give me free cash’.And guess what happens the day after the next?

anothercharacterign: Heys,its me,add this char.I helping my friend to lv. A paid job.
What happened to the so big ‘i get free cash from my friend gacha earn back’?
What does he see his friends as?Even I dont spit on my dog like that.

-His get rich scheme.
Also recently this year,he decides to get rich by being a trader.And you know what?He dare ask me for prices.I mean common,if you wanna start something,put effort into it.If this was reality,would you crawl up to some businessman and asks him to teach you business tactics that you can use on your own?What seriousely irraitates me is that I HAVE aready made myself clear that I would not pricecheck for anyone in the guild.Reason being it has 3 traders,though 2 aready quited trading; and if you help them once,they will come back for more.

Just the day before,he was saying something about him going to make alot of money.My reply to counter his?’My record is 203.5m….
made in a day
And he replies ‘You scam people right?’
Seriousely,he ticks me off.Firstly,when two people do a deal willingly,is called a Trade,even if one side looses some money.A scam?Is a TRICK that gets the trickster something,if the other party was stupid.
I know many people hate traders,i am one myself.But i take pride in the clean $ i get.And since he was doing the same trading thing as me,shouldnt his ‘you scam people right?’ reflect on him too?
And he didnt even know how i got the 203.5m in a day.If you didnt know,I sold 5 items that day.All equips and a hwabi. (I have a record book for my sales ^ ^ )

-The PQ
There was once in Ludi pq where i was the pt ldr and i needed someone to fill in the last slot before we could enter again.Since he was there in his dit (it was going to be a fandit after me but he didnt quite understand the built thus made a pureluck one)and there was no1 else to choose,i took him and went in the pq.What ticked me off was,while doing stage one,he noticed that there was a assasin with fairly low L7 damage,and proceeds to tell him. ‘A sin,your dmg very lan leh’ .And i was nearby savaging with damages aready owning him,and i didnt even make a fuzz out of it.During the ENTIER pq,he has NEVER EVER hit a single mob.I guess you know why.Oh yeah,he made himself clear that he was the owner of 95million at stage 2.
And at bonus,he could actually complain to me that some1 looted his…. POWER EXIRL? And made a hell lot of fuzz and wanted me to expel the looter.Come on,people dont really take their pots in bonus,and its like worth 10k nia.What’s 10k to you when you have ’95m’.If he actually,has it.

I jolly predict him whispering me in all my chars and spamming my shop if i expelled him.Oh well,i just wait for a really nasty scenaro,then So though shant be bugged.

A Incendiary Compilation-
Silver and several incendirians are talking about buyin laptobs at a electric fair when…
When: I think her labtop made of muffins.Her whole house made out of muffins and I bet she is a muffin herself >O
SilverFx: lol
When: and she buy muff mix 2 make her evil minions 2 take over da world D:
SilverFx: cool I HATE YOU
When: u nv say mah! >O my bad
When: FLOOD!!!

Teh Screnshhot Frenzy!!
When was doing a quest in China when she notices several people sitting on the potshop.Giving her a idea,she calles the guild to come to take some sses.
Silver and posb came and the 3 invaded the roof of the pot shop.As if the roof wasnt enough,A lamposts was invaded

Then silver wanted to take some shots at the hot air balloon and thus off the 3 went.When spoted another lampost and went up for fun.Silver and Posb follow suit.Silver kept falling off it > < rather,she could not get to the top and fell in the process.When the 3 finally got to the top,When shouted : SMILE!!.Silver was like… WHUT?Where’s the hot air balloon?LOL

Then Roti came and the 4 went up the hot air balloon.

What was supposed to be a pet command become a very hot topic to chat on.
Silver: sleep
When: gotobed
Pbs04: sleep. Oh wait my pet is dead.
When: PbsO4 shyt
When: Pbs04 badghey
Silver: OI
When: hohoho, Rotikiamm change (Roti Prata.Its a indian pastry)
Silver: LOL
When: scarly he turns into a rL prata or sth,that would be funny
Silver: IMFAO
When: then imagine here all cartoon de,then suddenly 1 real prata sitting on the shop
Pbs04: Monster!!
When: Silver change = $$$ LETS KIDNAP HER
Rotikiamm: cool

And yea who dosnt love incendiary? Guess how i got there
We were posin for a ss when several ghosts flew and haunted around silver.It took us awhile before they finally shooed off.

Oh yea,if you are a maplesea player,and need that purse to complete your showa quest but is unable to kill/survive the requiered mobs,head over to china!
The mobs drop showa equipments,and even…

Chap 3 & 4 are in typing process
Free Haunting muffins made out of toothpaste and recycled cardboard for you!!

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  1. I read part of it,
    I find some irony in it,
    because the people in becoming all defensive and murderous have themselves created a hell on earth or have become the devil, which was what the devil aims for

  2. lazydame said: “was what the devil aims for

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