Ever Wondered?Just for nuts.

Ever wondered what happens when you click a npc,then run off to the cash shop?This might happen.
What egg? 0_o

Now then,ever wondered when that person is gonna die from your evil summoning minions?
Check first to see if that person has a pet with a auto hp pouch.
I most proberly would had survived for HOURS,dont forget anyone at any moment may step in and finish those minions off.

Since it was Chineese New Year,I decided to find several victims to give oranges to as a token of well wishes.Well,I ended up fetching 1 of my victims and another 2 along the way for our gpq.What am I?A school busdriver?

So,how about THIS?
And how about this?
This is the result of trying to complete another guild pq in under 20mins,in the process loosing 4 Scrolls that was needed to do finish the stage and having a guy who has a idea of spam clicking.

A pain to the ears D: Felt by all.Including poor silver tks tks who died in the mob frenzy.
Whom kept yelling that her labtop was making inhuman noises.

Oh and,We did a record of 18mins gpq!.
Incendiary OIII!!!!!!! <3
Now try that!

If you think dits sux,see this.
Since nothing much happened,this is how long the blog goes.

6 thoughts on “Ever Wondered?Just for nuts.”

  1. The sound was like spoons in a blender. Srsly.

    And, like I was telling Mandos, my laptop wasn’t so much as lagging as moving at a snail’s snail’s pace. >>; I couldn’t even find my cursor to click on OK to revive.

    But damn it was fun(ny).

  2. Lol silver not spoons in a blender >O
    but the voice did echo alot.
    Oh,and it took lolli several mins of blizard 2 clear them.You can imagine how many they really are.

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