Apostle’s Creed; Chapter One

Yo, Eden’s partially back! I was spending my time outside MMOT watching anime lawlz. I’ve also been reading Naz’s story. Well, I’ve been inspired by him to write more stories. I’ve changed the name ‘True Virtues’ to ‘Apostle’s Creed’. Has to do with the plot. Stories may take long time to come, and I’ve been improving my writing skills. So enjoy, my first blog in a long long time!

Here’s the Prologues for those who haven’t read. link


Beginning of the Vengeance Story Arc

Apostle’s Creed Chapter One: The ‘Ghoul’ of Shura

2020, April 27th
Location: Citadel of El Nath

Cryo felt an amazingly disturbing pain on his shoulders. He tried to regain consciousness but guess that was impossible. “That’s right,” he thought. The last thing he saw was getting pierced by shrapnel from an astray grenade thrown indirectly at him. Why couldn’t the woman with the baby be hit, not him? His heart was saturating Melancholy and regret. Wait, what was he thinking? Wishing for a mother with a baby victimized instead of him? “This isn’t like me,” he thought. He should be honored to protect someone, as of his swordsman status. But yet, it was so sad to die. He gasped as a magnificent and graceful light bask upon him. “Ha,” he thought. Were the Valkyries taking him away?

“Wake up, Mr. Survivor,” an unfriendly but assuring female voice called.

Alan Cryo opened his eyes. He saw a cold stare but a cute face observing him.

“That was very honorable of you, rescuing that woman with the baby,” she smiled.

“Are they safe? And are we?” Cryo inquired.

“I’ve sent the rest of the survivors to a nearby refugee center. You’re the last survivor, I guess,” the girl explained.

“Thanks for saving me, though the grenade hit me by chance,” Cryo sighed.

“Chance my ass, you pushed that woman and got hit yourself, dummy,” the girl grinned. “Playing the hero once in a while ain’t so bad you know, admit it,”

“Did I? Guess my body acted without comprehending the danger,” Cryo snickered, then coughed. Crimson blood poured out of his mouth.

“The shrapnel is removed, but you’re still heavily damaged, so don’t move, let me finish bandaging you,”

That was when Cryo realized that he was wrapped up in bandages. He adapted to his surroundings and then realized he was in an underground bunker of some sort. He was shocked greatly.

“Yo, I got some questions. Just what the hell happened?”

“El Nath is in ruins. Attacked by the Apostles. Survivors are few. Those bastards, they used the Z ranked biochemical weapon on the city, along with destructive missiles.”

“Apostles? You mean that terrorist group that’s famous for crashing into the Orbis Trade Centre?”

“Terrorists my ass! They have political power! This is WWIII! They’re like the second Nazi’s. Except more sinister. They’re also an evil religious cult that believes the anti-christ should be put to power and rule the world. El Nath denied their alliance contract and this happened. Those bas****. . . “

Cryo was surprised. WWIII? Anti-christ? Evil religious cult group? Just what the hell was going on? He got scared all of a sudden. What was going to happen to him? He had thanatophobia.

“Here, water.”

He observed his female savior while she was handing a gray flask of water over to him. She had a set of jet-black pigtails, coming down to her shoulders. Her eyes were like garnet orbs, and she was wearing a blood-stained combat-attire clothes. What caught his attention the most was the cold but cute face. Was this even possible?

As he took a sip, he thought of something to clear the silence. “Second question, just how old are you?”

“You know, I should be the one asking questions, you could might even be an Apostle’s spy. Well, but whatever, I’m fifteen,” she snapped.

“Holy crap! You’re fifteen, and you’re in bloody combat clothes? Just how do you make your living, woman?!” Cryo exclaimed.

“Are you trying to imply that my profession is complete bullcrap?” she growled.

“No, sorry. It’s just that I’ve never seen anyone your age in the army before,” Cryo apologized. “My name’s Alan Cryo, but most of the people I know call me Cryo, because ‘Alan’ seems boring to them,”

“Apology accepted, my name is Shura, Shura Paint. And by the way, I’m not part of the military. I’m a zealot. Those who have similar beliefs gathered to form this organization. We try to help the Apostle’s terror victims and struggle against them, though we are not even comparable. But yet, we do what we think is right and try our best. You see, they’re the ones who took everything away from me. . .”

“I’m sorry,” he mumbled.

“No, don’t be. I’m the one who carelessly blabbered on. Anyways, we gotta get out of this city quick. Your wounds are almost healed, according to my experience. And according to information, there are some Apostles still in the city, looking for survivors to torture, rape, etc. This bunker is not much safe.” Shura explained with a serious look on her face.

Cryo realized he was in middle of grieve danger. Worry and anxiety filled his heart.

“Don’t worry,” Shura smiled. “God will protect us.”

“God, eh? I haven’t been to church since I was eight, now I’m sixteen. I wonder if he really would.” Cryo sighed.

“Don’t be such a pessimist. That doesn’t matter. Have faith.”

The long arm on the clock went around twice as the sun climbed into it’s zenith. Cryo and Shura got ready, and opened the lid on the ceiling of the bunker.

Alan Cryo could not believe his eyes. El Nath, the once beautiful, historical, and most importantly, his home, he couldn’t recognize it. Smoking ruins were as far the eyes could see. A small puddle of tears formed in his eyes. Why must the world face so much sorrow? All his friends were probably dead. The park he and his friends hung out often, was replaced by a crater. Where did his parents go? He also had a little sister. Everything looked like furnitures of hell in the high, bloody sun. He wished that he died in the rampage, the death that he feared most.

“Damn, looks like we only have two hours to leave the outskirts of this city. Look, the disgusting effects of the Z ranked weapon.”

Maybe they really were in hell. Zombies. The one he saw in movies were now coming to life. The notorious Z virus, a forbidding weapon, turning humans into mindless sinners. Tens of thousands of them were engulfed in the shadows of the ruins.

“You probably know, but the people infected with the Z virus cannot survive in the UV rays. They can’t strike us when the sun is this high.” About time she said something comforting.

“Oh, Miss Paint, but I can.”

Both of them froze. They slowly turned around to face the lanky, sanguine, man who approached them without noticing.

“Octavius you bas**** you you have guts to dare show your face to me again?! I’ll kill you! I’ll avenge everyone then wipe the rest of you devil worshipers!” Shura roared in disgust, hatred and uncontrollable rage.

“Looks like the ‘ghoul’ of Shura is howling again~!” Octavius mocked with a sick grin on his face.

“Cryo, do you have any way that you can fight?” Shura asked, her grim face hidden in the shade of her hair.

“Yeah, I trained at my dad’s sword academy,” he answered.

“Okay, then you’re going to help me kill this piece of ****.” She whispered as she forced a strange long trench knife into his hands.

“Come at me kiddies! Ha!” Octavius roared maniacally.

“Shura, who is he? One of the Apostles?” Cryo asked, confused.

“He’s the one responsible for taking away everything you and I once knew,” Shura tried to sound emotionless but Cryo was sure a tear fell.

The sun seemed to burn a hole in the sky while they prepared to do battle.

To be Continued. . .

Well, how do you like this story? I had a good time writing this. It’s a bit shorter than my other stories, but I think this is one of my best so far. Next chapter will be out next week.

Next Chapter: Two Avengers

Cryo and Shura fight the insane and sick Charles Octavius. But blinded by rage, they don’t realize the dangers of their surroundings. . .

End of Chapter 1

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  1. Thanks, I’ll take that as a compliment. I’m Eden, a fan-ficcer. Though not much famous. This is my first blog in like, 4 months.

  2. The virus is just a minor detail, exclude the virus, then it’s not ‘I am legend’

  3. It sounds as if the grenade was an arrow: ‘pierced by an astray grenade.’
    Just my personal preference but I don’t believe you would remove the ‘shell’ of a grenade from someone. More like ‘shrapnel’ or the fragments. Note a good term would be ‘falling on a grenade’. Its when you dive on a grenade to save your comrades, usually clamping your helmet over the grenade to suppress its force. It works and you usually don’t die.

    ~Lily x33.

  4. Thanks Axiom, what I was implying was the shell of the grenade hit him. I didn’t know this lol, thanks for the info.

  5. Apostle’s Creed?

    Altair goes Christian?!
    You need to kill your target in a completely pacifist way.

  6. Things your story reminds me of:

    Apostle’s Creed: Assassin’s Creed
    Z-Virus: S-Virus: T-Virus: Resident Evil
    Zombies and UV rays: I am Legend
    Orbis Trade Center: World Trade Center
    Ghoul: Felix’s G-35 Ghoul Assault Rifle in The LOST

    As for my other comments, I feel so proud that I have actually inspired someone with my writing. Thanks EDEN!

    Seems like 15 and 16 are a bit too young for combat situations…

    -=The Nazgul=-

  7. I agree with Naz, I see some interesting references. Like that bad guy’s name, Octavius, like the real name of Doctor Octopus from Spiderman. Anyway, very nicely done. I can’t wait to see the rest of it.

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