13 thoughts on “Buns o’ Fire!”

  1. The music gave me 106 pop ups when I clicked on it, and your comic is weird (mostly the 5th panel, overused cc plz). You somehow implanted improper grammar in there even though it didn’t pass 35 words. I only like it because you are a #1 kid (like mi blogs pl0x). Lol. *like*

  2. Lol, how did it give you popups? It’s a direct link to YouTube.

    And the grammar isn’t supposed to be perfect. It’s like a normal conversation between two friends.

    There are 41 words in there, excluding the acronyms

  3. Bald Guy said: “Hey Derek, how is it going?”
    Derek said: “Nothin’. Just training as always.”

    He didn’t answer his question correctly. :O

  4. I didn’t like the video or the comic.
    The comic makes no sense whatsoever, and the video was just taken from youtube. >_>

  5. Quack: Well, I did a play on words.

    The bald guy wanted to know how the graphics were made, but Derek had taken the bald dude’s words seriously.

    So, he slashed away the top and revealed a Pacman game going on.

    So yeah, you get my point?

    And uh, you want me to post a video from veoh?

    Would that make you happy?

    I’ve seen your blogs and you’ve posted videos from YouTube many times, so stop being a hypocrite.

  6. Mmh I’m just expressing freedom of speech. People can be too nice in MMOt

    Edit: And btw: it’s not that posting on youtube that’s bad, but I think personally think that taking a video to fill in a blog is bad.

  7. Am I gonna be the only nice one to Dest?

    Nice too see another returner around here

  8. Two things.

    1. The guy slashed infront of him right? So how did it rip in to?
    2. hehehe that’s not the REAL Pacman.

    Other then that GJ



  9. At first thing: Well, since MapleStory is 2D (dur) you can’t possibly slash it away without MS being 3Ditized o.O

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