Walkin Tacos~!

[EDIT] wat iw as eating x-x the begining is old now cuz my mum made me get off and its been like 5 days.. w/e to the blog~[/EDIT]

cuz thats what im eatin right now! =O

for those who dont know cuz u live in a box lulz walkin tacos are full doritos chipbags, put tacomeat in them, any other shiz u feel like, and then walking around wherever doin what u want =O

LAWLZ here is the Mapleness!!

sooo been forever since my last REAL blog D= so ill just recap what i want!!

Level Ups

i’ve gotten to lvl 31 on my cleric bunnyismybf!! =D i even found out alotta stuff about noob clerics.
Never, EVER switch your HP pots and the lvl 4 skill. . .u WILL die. . .multiple times. . . . . . >__>;;

i’ve gotten my archer in broa salamandersi to lvl. . .uhh. . . . . .14 I THINK =O or maybe 15? ya 15 cuz i famed sum1 i think o-o

my dexless sin ive decided to just make low dex so shes lvl 21 now! =O plus i bought her tobis and stuff. shes cool to me with her awesome damage 100s and a scattered 200 hgere or there when i could barely hit that at 25. . . >__>

ive helped my friend make a maple account! =D of course seeing as i was there i tried to make an example for him and told him what to do buuuut
since when do boys listen?!
he has 16 luk, 10 int and who knows how messed up everythign else is on his warrior!!! he has NO magic attack skills and. . .its jsut horrible >__<

the people in maple!

wellz its been alotta change ja? but since itd take forever to go into it and i have no time at all to ddo it ill just explaibn one case!
see my friend chris inmaplestory he was always such a weird an unique soul. he was fun to be around and we always competed in lvls but now, hes [changed. hes been brainwashed! he looks, sounds, and acts just like everyone else in maple! a slaaaaavvee to nx cash and 2x exp!! hes now lvl 45 way above me =/ i miss the other chris. . .he even SOUNDS like them. omg its scary D= but ah well.

craig. actually nvm he gets an entire section to himself. hes THAT much of an. . .
jsut a warning im gonna go thru a couple moodswings when i get to it. unless ur a girl with some time dont read it D=

the a-hole that is an australian b@#%@&* !!!!

Here is why i’m wondering if i shouldnt just go lezbian F7

yeah. if ur not a girl then pl0x dont look. i already feel lower than dirt, dont wanna reach the earths core lol. plus theres sum1 im lookn for on here so thats why its here x-x

Screenies =O

1st: a smega for my favorite guild of ALL time!! ^^
2nd: the start of the biggest smega wh0re on windia herantidrug smegaing 1-100. totally sux man
3rd: LOL PWNT antidrug =O
4th: she was askin for it. . .
5th: LOL it was epic. [/lame] x)

Other Random Stuff

dude i say that misa is a b**** youtube vid i laughed so hard and then i kept singing it at random, times and annoyin my bro who kept goin ‘GEY’ lol xP

lol i love that one part in htat song by mindless selfindulgence’i like my coffee black,JUST LIKE MAH METAL!~!~ i liked the puppet

uhhh basil sux o-o

im gonna make a WoW person cuz my bro bought it! so iget it for free basically! =D

sooo that concludes my blog =O

-air guitars-
-walks away slowly while crowd screams at my awesomeness-


10 thoughts on “Walkin Tacos~!”

  1. AHAHA Me and my friends do that for nachos and salsa all the time. Pour in w.e dip we want and pig out because we dont care about getting messy.

  2. Totallyy. We tried it wti ruffles and ranch dip, but that was too thick -.-

    and i did it with cereal once too. Poured some milk into the bag thats in the box

    I am a totaly messy person.

  3. iSPADE said: “gujju, I’m so close to punching you in your face right now. ):



    I wish I had NX. Seeing you as a level 48 makes me glad I’m past that, but then NX looks so purdy that you still beat meh.

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