This Title is Epic!! SERIOUSLY!




The Blog



and im listenign to amtchbox20!!

and i jsut made a new poem on revolutionaries in 1941 china!!!

and i for some reason have too many exclamtion poitns!!

it reminds me of damian’s infestation of parenthi that soon ran away after he threatened them with moldy cheese lol

and now im listenign to daughtry =O

OK no moer randonmness! (im not correcting msitakes)

so after that perfunctory stuff more on…

should i get to the MMOing?!

yes. i finally leveled! =D to 38
wow i never thought id make it so fast x3 funny thign is i had actually forgotten iw as 99% and was randomly thinkin abotus tuff when GREEN LIGHT THINGY and iw as like OMG -hurries and screenies- yaa good times x3

and also the greatest thign ever happen!


thank you random hacker who made my char quit my guild!!! =DD

to say the truth i had forgotten about it until i saw a random applebomber go thru so i chased him to HHG1 and begged him to elt me in. he ask me how do i know about it so i told him i knew some people in it sorta. so then he says to chat this “name here forget what it was” but anyway i do and i go

ME: OMG is this actually warr1oran1me?!
Him: lol yes

and so after a bit of wow cant belive its u and i ask him if i can join the guild he asks how i know him. my answer?


ok not really but sumthng like that so he goes hmm ok and he invites his guild leader. which happens to be the amazing applepie lady
so shes goes “DEEEEEEEEEE” and i go “APPLEPIIEEEE” and hes all “” so aftyer the pleassantires and al she says i can join!! WOOHOO1!!

one would think id ask her first o__O but that person woudl obviously not know me =D inf act, i should be doing my homework! but im not!! wow im irresponsible D=

i also restarted my character Mello329 =( because she had suck stats/ when i started to delet it i started crying and being emo because ir ememberd craig asked me to not delete herT__T even remmebring it is making me wanna cry. cuz he broke his promise to play for 2 more years =( so . . .T.T
well anyway i made her a sin this time seeing as i kept gettign stars and stuff from friends ><
and yes shes dexless
well i admit im a noob!! iw anted to see what being one would be like xO

i also had started playign my broan sin LilMello on behalf of Donts. but he quit D;
ah well. hope u liek star wars galaxy better!! ^^;

Real Life Stuff

my friend david happens to not liek daughtry songs. why? because they remind him painfully of his ex and he consistantly asks “if i istened to them enough, would tehy come true?” with a sad look on his face D= hes so cute when hes sad but i digress. . .
funnuily, the radio station kept playing daughtry songs ALL DAY lol the poor sap =( jens all “no lipsynchign the songs!” but her and me ended up lipsynching htem anywa. hey i like those songs!

so anyway, the next book club meeting is on my sisters 17th birthday! WHOMG!! lol
and i keep getting from my granma, along with the book club books, random books that i wanted to read and since she didnt ask if they were specifically book club books i didnt enlighrten her. btu shed have gotten em anyway!! D=

The picture that better work or i blame cheezeh

i made it in my lunch periods when i was bored. it started out as jsut one of my 1337-sp34k papers butt hen david started commenting he hadnt seen it in awhile cuz ppl that play FFonline dont use it and then we went into a discussion abotu it and jen kept going “what? what?” and asking us what this or that was or even what 1337 is!! HAHAHA
anway we explained and then i started to add stuff. pretty soon i started adding random mmotalers! i think tis funny tho very shabbily made =O
anywa hope u liekths it lololz

The Poem

the poem im sure i mentioned somewhere up there x___X;; if i didnt wow im a noob xP i posted it on DA first because i thought i might lsoe it =O its based on alot of the emotions in teh book and how weiwei-ah COULDVE turned out.

well here it is! x3

Where is She?

because thats how i found you
a starved animal
where was the woman i knew?
where had she gone?
where was the angry revolutionist
the one who would change the world
where did she go?
the kindness
the generosity
this small lady had
where had it all gone?
hate-filled eyes look up at me
you created this. you created me.
im no longer here. and no longer free.

id italicize it but i only jsut realized how much work thatd be D; -is lazy-

Somthings been bothering me. . . .

why does ti confuse people if i randomly shout “BOOBIES” a number of times in huge convos with onyl one person i know in it?! they kept asking my wether i was a girl or a guy despiet my colorful font and name and despite that i sounded girly before i said “BOOBIES”.



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  1. I’m commenting on how such a smexeh frog wasn’t drawn, and instead some sort of creature. o_O

  2. You were supposed to use the Photobucket link I gave you. If I was to resize your picture to fit within MMOT’s acception boundaries, it would’ve distorted everything and ruined the quality.

    Link to Dee’s picture.

    All you had to do was upload it to a site like Photobucket, and it would’ve been perfect. xD

  3. but i didnt want to link it D; sumtimes ppl cant see it >=O

    but YAY for techy moms!


  4. Ello ;D

    Oh, and i used to play in windia, I still got some money there. want me to wire you a few mil?

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