A Maple Fanfic

Author’s Note

1. i used notepad so theres no spell check
2. my first fanfic. . . -shivers in my timbers-
3. uhm tell me abou my story skillz. i r teh nub so dont hold back on critisizm and praise plawks


Too young to live a lie, Look into my eyes
READY, SET, GO, It’s time to run!
The sky is changing we are one
Together we can make it whi
“Frakken dumarse alarm. . . .I told her i told her i didn’t NEED one”, Ivy grumbled ignoring the fact that if the alarm had not rang, she wouldn’t have been up. She yawned and stretched her slightly sore muscles and got out of bed. “Stupid snails always getting everywhere….”Taking a quick glance around her room she suddenly grinned.

Unlike most females her age who had frills and lace and dolls everywhere, her room was mostly black and red oriented. Several ‘Dead Gorlabs’ posters covered her walls while her ceiling had a supposedly life-size mural of a Balrog roaring. She blew a kiss to said balrog and began to get dressed, being careful to not turn on her light or make alot of noise.

The stealth was really just a tradition as every caretaker on Maple Island knew the kids who were old enough to ‘run away’ from home. Most children were taken back to Maple Island as infants but Ivy was told she had come to the island at 2 years old. Even more mysterious was how no one knew how she even came to get to the island. She was just found on the decks near the boat crying her eyes out one morning.

But as Ivy headed down the stairs, she only thought that though she was excited about finally leaving the island, she was also sorta scared.Afterall, most of the people who left didn’t come back and the ones that did refused to tell them what happened to the others. There were, of course, stories about them but Ivy didn’t really believe them and wanted to find out for herself.

Reaching the front door, she went out and quickly looked both ways. She barely caught the shadow of a body before she was knocked to hte ground.
She screamed and punched the heavy body above her own in the gut and wouldve continued her assault if hte offending body hadnt groaned in a very familiar voice.
“Ivy what the hell was that for?!”, her best guy friend Zach grunted at her before carefully rolling off of her. He was a tall 14 almost 15 year old boy with average-length brunette hair and soft brown eyes. Those same eyes were glaring at her now as he picked himself off the ground.

“Oh it’s just you.”, Ivy sighed in relief before shoving the older and bigger person.
“You scared me you noob!”
“Ack! i said i was sorry, jeez.”
“Whatever ya froob!”
Zach sqwuacked and began to splutter indignantly before Ivy impatiently interupted him.
“Do you remember where the Meeting is? I wrote it down but i think i lost it”. He scratched his head, absentmindedly flipping his hair as it was getting in his eyes.
“Hmm, i think it’s by the grocery shop in South Perry..we better hurry up and get goin, huh?” Ivy nodded decisively. “Did you bring em?”
“Bring what?”He began before she punched his shoulder. Hard.
“OOWWW what was that for?!”
“THE HELL DO YOU MEAN ‘BRING WHAT’?!!”She yelled at him, pissed off. Zach stared at her unblinkingly before he grinned and said “Oohh you mean the weapons? I put them behind that barrel.” He pointed and she gleefully bounded over and grabbed them,forgetting her anger.
She glanced over the both of them before she announced, “I’m taking the sword, I’ve had more practice with it. Here you take the bat.” She tossed the bat to him and he easily caught it. “So, ready to go?” he asked tilting his head to the side.
Ivy looked around at the village. It was quiet in the early early morning, not a light coming from anywhere except the moon. What she could see was boring normal houses, a boring normal pet here and there, just all over boring and normal. Something inside her was just telling her that her life wasnt meant to be here, hunting snails. It was somewhere else. . .somewhere beyond.
“Yeah I’m ready. Let’s go!”

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  1. greenday said: “
    Use more spacing in between speech and the words.Try to use less speech bubbles.The language is also a little, awkward.
    Good ending though.

    But don’t get discouraged ^^

    ~ greenie~

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    @fenny: my vista laptop throws a hissy fit if i do too many things at one. mozilla, msn, an winamp already make her go nutty! it was going even slower when i put notepad up

  2. Defrag, uninstall Norton, install AVG, Adaware, CCleaner, Scan all.

    Note: I am not liable for any damages.

    Who was your inspiration?

    Lol, nice job for the first time!
    Now, we must teach you the sacred art that automatically makes you pro and super in the writing department
    Silver and Nazgul along with AznRiceFan were supposed to teach me months ago but plans just keep coming up for them
    And it’s like a 2 second lesson, I don’t know why they keep avoiding me. . .

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    @fenny: dude, i can barely download a PICTURE off hte internet without her freezing for 2 mins x-x and WTH is defrag!? Dx

    @reve: me no kno wut u sayin homes

    @damian: hahaha um i didnt sleep and was getting slightly tired of reading so much gayness every night SO i tested my writing skillz ja?

    @dest: yes. you suck.


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