to never fall inlove again.

Last Train – Lost Prophets.

Soo. On saturday I met up with brandon, one of my maple friends. We went to lunch, and everything went well. :] He’s a nice guy but he was really quiet, and in order for me to get him to talk I had to talk a lot. Blehh, whatever. I had to take two busses and the skytrain in order to meet up with him, and I ended up being 20 minutes late. He was even later then I was so I got the last laugh >>

I haven’t been on maple for a few days. I’ve started watching Kamakaze Kaitou Jeanne and it’s really good. I can’t stop watching it >>; But the quality of the vid sucks, typical crunchy roll. So sometimes you can’t read the subs. whatevs, it’s still a really good anime.

Talked to mom for the first time in 3 weeks today. She finally phoned. I told her that if I were to be enrolled in the christian private school she wanted to put me in, she would have to go to church and be an active member and stuff. She’s not that religious, and neither am I, so she’s not going to go to church just for me to go to a private school. Public school here I come. I’d rather go there anyways, since the private school DOESN’T teach french, only spanish (I don’t wanna have to restart my language class) and they don’t have drama as a class, only a club. And I’m big about acting and stuff, and the public school has a REALLY good drama program I heard, and my mom understands that it’s what I want, so she’s not even gonna look into the private school to see if we can get an exception.

I have to tell my dad that I plan on moving by wednesday so my mom can start the paper work. And I’m scared as all hell. I’m not close to my dad at all, so I find it hard talking to him about stuff. I’ll just have to suck it up, though. Wish me luck, everyone.

I’m in one of my icky depressed moods, which is why I haven’t been on maple much. Everyone’s been asking “why haven’t you been on maple in so long?” and I just say “I dunno, I don’t feel like it.” I might log on once I’m done writing this, I dunno. I don’t really have much else to do, and maybe talking to the guildies will make me feel a bit better.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how my life is going to change in 4 months. I’m going to be moving, starting my whole life over again, and leaving everyone behind. It’s not like there’s many people worth staying for here anyways. I only have two friends that I consider TRUE friends. All the others just seem… fake. Maybe it’s just my paranoia. I hope so.

Chase takes really long showers. -_- he said he was going to take a shower about an hour ago. God knows whatever he’s doing >>;

Alright, I think I’ve written enough. Adieu.

<3 Lyn.

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  1. Hm. One of the kids I go to school with was trying to convince me to try and join Speech & Drama. His partner quit for Doubles Comedy, so he was wondering if I could be his partner. Maybe my friend and I will give it a try like he says we should. o.O

  2. Drama rocks. Its one of my favourite classes ever. Its never hard to make friends in that class.

  3. yeah, it’s my favorite class. I’m really loud and random in that class haha and we’re all like a family pretty much.

  4. Well, Lyn. I know this from experience: Maple Story will most likely NEVER make you feel better (not even your “friends&quot when you’re down. On the contrary, I’m always here for you to vent to.

  5. aw, lol,
    Good luck with your dad. I have issues with mine, sometimes, but i love my mom
    Sorry, just had to announce that to the world, lol

    – VanillaPocki –

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