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With Me – Sum 41

Considering I haven’t written a blog in a good while, I guess I should submit one now.

I’ve lost pretty much all motivation to level. Silly me. I’ve been socializing mostly, stalking friends ect. I did a real stupid thing a few days ago. There was a smega that said “Ch 17 fm 20 quitting sale!” I normally don’t go to these things, but I said “oh what the heck, let’s see if I can make some profit.”

I step into the FM to find it packed, and three shops open. They were all full, so I decided to start spam clicking to try and get in and see if I could scrounge up anything that was left. I went in all stores, and all were fakes with just a bunch of crap priced high. I left the FM and went back to where I had been sitting before. I go to look at how many mesos I had, and lo and behold, I was missing 2 mil. And I had a yellow wish ticket that I never had in my inventory before.

While spam clicking I had managed to purchase the wish ticket without even noticing. I felt so freaking stupid, and I bet whoever got my 2 mil got a nice laugh -_-

Anyways, nothing much has been happening. The guild’s back to life, and I’m glad. It was so dead a few months ago, but now it’s thriving again. If only we could get some GPQs in again, things will be back to old times. I’ve been very tempted to buy myself a pig mount, since I have 20 mil. The only thing is, if I buy it, I have no money left until Will pays me back my 6 mil that I lent him. -coughs and stares at him-

In real life news, I have another drama production starting up, so my maple time will be cut short once things get picked up. I’m also job hunting. I’ve sent in an application and resume to Shopper’s Drugmart. No reply yet, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Worst comes to worse I can always try McDonald’s. -shudders-

I had tonsilitus last week, leaving me stuck at home. I’m alright again, though. But my teachers all think that I’m having problems at home because I’m missing so much school from being sick, and I’ve skipped a few days as well. Ah well, I’m done with skipping and I’m healthy again (I hope), so I’ll be at school again. Though being at home on a school day is really relaxing.

My sleeping schedual’s seriously SCREWED UP THE ASS. And I’m suffering from sleep deprivation pretty much. Gah.

Alright, I need to finish straightening my hair and start reading To Kill A Mockingbird for English. I have a quiz on chapter one and two tomorrow and I haven’t even started the book.



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  1. TKAM is awesome. One of my favourite books. And I had so much fun studying it.

    Good luck with school and stuff.

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