the rain is falling on my window pane

Bubbly – Colbie Caillat

Soo, I leveled today. Hurrah for me But not without annoyances. Honestly, I have no idea how some people don’t have ANY logic whatsoever.

Nate’s been helping me a LOOOT. He’s been letting me mob at spiders for a while now, and I’ve been getting a really good %/h there. The only thing that’s a hindrance is the mob stealers. Yes, those people who change channels in the wolf spider map, go all the way to the bottom, and kill the mob, regardless whether someone’s in the channel or not. Well, since that’s the only place I can kill them at, from the sniping point, I am fallen victim to these idiots.

The first one (A lvl 75 i/l mage) that came in went all the way to the bottom and stood there for a while and watched me kill. I meantioned in bchat that he was watching me, so Nate came down. All Nate said was “Don’t touch her mob.” Somehow, that pissed the guy off. He was like “oh what is this, a pimp/hoe relationship or something?”

I honestly don’t know where the HELL he got that comment from. I just said “Uh, no, it’s a friend helping another friend level situation.” Then he went on about how at least he has a life and can spend time with his irl girlfriend and how he doesn’t have to dump his irl girlfriend for one on maple. I’m like “what?” in my mind. Then I said “uhm, some people marry their good friends on this game, and not for romantic purposes.”

Nate came and said that me and him weren’t even married in the first place. Which I followed with a “do you see a ring effect? No.” The idiot said “I bet you guys are cheating on your wives and husbands LOL.” Like honestly…. what kind of “flame” is that? I felt like I was on basil forums or something. Then he IS’d my mob a few times, but Nate came down and killed it before he could do any real damage.

I said “Uhh. I’m married to a really good friend of mine but nice try though.” And since he realised that Nate could own his ass he left. Oh but it doesn’t end there. Oh no, he called in one of his guildies (a lvl 74 i/l mage) to come ks me. Like honestly, COME ON. How do you expect to KS someone when they have a friend that’s like 40 levels ahead of you with them? He failed miserably and left after I defamed him.

Once I got to 60% we took a break. I went and hung out in fm, ate, and messed around a bit. Then Nate and I go back to spiders so I could level. Nate was up at the top some what, clearing out spiders for my mob, and a 92 CB and a 74 Priest come in. I heard the CB say “let’s go to the bottom.” So did Nate. He knew something was up so he came and stood beside me. Of course, both of them come down and start to attack my mob. Again, Nate killed the mob before they could get any experience. Nate said “you guys know better, if you’re gonna train at spiders you don’t just come in killing other people’s mobs.”

They started yelling at us treating us as if WE WERE THE ONES who came in and ks’d their mob. The CB left, but the priest stayed long enough to call us whiney little bitches, and say “I don’t understand why there’s so many stupid little bitches in this game.”

LMAO. You DARE call us bitches when you two came in, and OBVIOUSLY saw myself AND Nate, and kill my mob? Like honestly… you think people would have some common sense at levels 92 and 74.

After I leveled, I went to GPQ. We failed, because one of our CBs, Tomas, disconnected at Ergoth. Alyssa, the other CB, couldn’t do it alone because she didn’t have a high enough level ME, so we gave up and left. While I was GPQing, Chase was training vigorously to get to level 100. I made him wait at 99.98% so I could watch him level and smega for him. So after the GPQ, Amy and myself RAN to leafre and watched him level.

It was an interesting day to say the least, frustrating, but alright. I guess I’ve ranted on long enough. Adieu ~

<3 Lyn

5 thoughts on “the rain is falling on my window pane”

  1. Nice. Title. *gack. must refrain from pointing out that the title is completely unrelated and fails to make you look sophisticated.*

    But I’m refraining from telling you that, so it’s all cool.

    Also, playing a children’s video game until you get high-level is no indication that you should have common sense.

  2. Haha, witty.

    I stated in my first blog that I name my blogs from a random line of the song I’m listening to. Hence why I state what song I’m singing to.

  3. Haha, noobs, noobs everywhere. Too bad there isn’t any PvP in MS or you guys could have PK’d him. >_> People like that make me wish there was PvP in Maple, <_< That must have been the suckiest KSer I’ve ever heard of. Pimp/ho relationships, -_-

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