Hello, guys :3

I just started using this! This’ll be funn <3

Okay well I’m Cereeal and after the patch that’ll be my name :3

I’m a level 60 cleric and I’m a BETA TESTER

I also have a level 48 sin…

They’re both pretty screwed up (stattus wise)

Mmmhmm.. :3

And I just finished a maple series episode but it sucks.

9 thoughts on “Hello, guys :3”

  1. Welcome to MMOTales. I am The Nazgul, the resident fanfic writer. Beware my fell beast and all that other stuff .

    -=The Nazgul=-

  2. Hey, welcome to MMOTales! I’m Zerofox Kitsune, and I hope you enjoy your stay.

  3. Welcome to MMOTales! I’m Nassanei, that random guy you saw across the street.
    Yes, the one glaring at you.
    *deep voice* Yeah I’m the guy.


    Enjoy your stay!


  4. Hi, welcome to mmotales!
    I’m the only normal one on the site! Everyone else above you is completely insane!

    ~LaZzz. . .(hehehe)

  5. ‘Ayy welcome to MMOtales!

    I’m iSPADE, the resident’s crazy blogger, and under-appreciated artist.

    We hope you enjoy your stay!



    (Ignore my lame Thundercats reference. Welcome to MMOT. What was your IGN in beta?)

    EDIT: Why the hell is everyone introducing themselves? . . . this looks like the paparazzi attacking an upcoming star. I feel bad for her. She’s gonna feel forced to memorize EVERY single member and then loose interest in the community quickly! FOR SHAME!

    Seriously guys, we’re not that important. Save the intro’s . . .

  7. Welcome to MMOTales, I am Deathwalker, you will find all you need to find out about me in. . . Did that make sense? Uhhh. . . Lemme start over:

    Welcome to MMOTales, I am Deathwalker, you will find all you need to find out. . .About. . . Know about meh. . .In my Blogs and other stuff. This is a VERY nice Site, especially when I’m here (Haha, Probably the opposite I’m the living Devil!) Well yea. . .Welcome. (I hate these things “. . .&quot

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