the race is on!

HAHA! new to the site but lets get right into it.

MY HANDS ARE FREEZING! stupid cold weather

anyways and without further delay THE RACE IS ON! My cleric has returned from a prolonged hiatus, got some NX gotten hitched and is rapidly trying to make his way to priest… “why all of the sudden ?” you ask ? well, that is a good question.. and one that is EASY to answer.. because IT IS ALL WINTERDRAGONS FAULT! she and I are good buddies, we even got hitched the other day (side note: LET THE APPLE MONEY BEGIN!.. i hope.) but she is a Dragon Knight and instead of playing on my sin or my girlfriends hunter i decided it was about damn time i played the class i most enjoy and you know what ? i am only enjoying it more and more as time goes by! (i am in jr wraithes if you want to give me a hand training) BUT anyways now i am racing to get to priest so we can be together and rake in some money and some good times the leveling was going good at first , you know … inspiration and what not, but because i am lagging so freaking much . i wont be able to level a lot… so i am kind of losing this race… BUT PRIESTHOOD! HERE I COME!

if you want to help me i play bera, just got to 43, cant PQ … i dont have much money, pots, items or anything. just some time and couple mesos to restock my lovely(disgusting) red bean sundaes …

4 thoughts on “the race is on!”

  1. You mean the quarterback for the Packers? Who says I don’t watch regular football?

    My bio teacher made a joke about Farve. Something about, him being cold and his jersey being changed to F-F-F-F-Farve.

  2. What!?!?!? Don’t use red bean sundaes, use Sorceror Elixirs from NLC! Get your sin there, buy like 150 (1 slot, 1.5k mesos for 1.5k mp), get him back to kerning, and send it through Duey (only 5k, cmon)! I mean, that’s a large save right there!

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