[Offtopic] Again. o_o;;
Anyways, I’ve been inactive lately, I had been busy with my exams. But here I am writing this, and thinking about what to write as I go along!

I was browsing through my friend’s labtop and stumbled across a Cheat Engine 5.4 (Hacking Tool) and asked him what it was for?

He told me that it was for 3D Pinball, and some other Flash Games that he likes to hack on. So I asked him how can you hack 3D Pinball, and he told me the story.

1) You click on the shinning computer, and look down and find PINBALL.EXE and attach it.
2) Start the game and shoot the ball, get a couple of points.
3) On the bar, type how much points you have, example 23600, you type 23600 on the bar and press ‘New Scan’.
4) Keep trying until you have at most two values.
5) Click on both values.
6) Change both of them on the bottom big box, double click on the ‘Value’ section. And change it to whatever score you want.

Have fun .
For the other games, I don’t know.
Feel free to look at ‘Google’ .

Heres the download for Cheat Engine 5.4

And don’t try using it for MapleStory, you will FAIL….


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