Hello MMO Tales :]

Hello MMO Talers,

I am new to this site and the title ‘How was your MMO day?’ really caught me because I love to write and tell what I did in Maple Story but in ‘the real life’ you can’t because people don’t take you serious.
Which sucks anyways here is my story!

I’ve been playing maplestory for over the last 2 years or something, I started back in the beta-days it was really fun.
I’ve always been playing with this goal in my head which was.
So that was what I wanted all the time just be a high level and have alot of money.
I sort of reached that goal because I’ve got a level 99 White Knight and its cool and stuff but it didn’t feel right and I was so bored that I’ve quitted.
And now I’m back..
Back with other goals, I don’t have goals anymore I just play because I like it and love talking to people in the game but nowadays I still see alot of people who are just here for training and be a high level.
And I can tell you, you will never find what you want because you need friends and you can’t make it alone.
With fun and time you can reach everything!

Now I’ve started a magician Yesterday, it’s level 14 now and I’m killing slimes haha and I just LOVE IT.
You probaly think: ‘He’s crazy’.
But I’m not I swear I just wanted to tell you all this ^^.
I’ll be posting alot more blogs because I love writing stuff I did!
You can always reach me on Profil3 too.


Hope you liked it I know its not really a story of how my day was but still!

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  1. Welcome to MMOTales! I’m Nassanei, and I breed Mudkipz would you like some?

    I don’t train on Maple anymore. I just sit in Henesys/FM and talk to people.


  2. Profil3 is the suck.

    Other than that, welcome aboard, it’s nice to have some new members. Good blog.


  3. Haha, I like profil3 :] and I like MMO tales too, I hadn’t except I would have comments so soon! thanks!
    And Nass just talking is fun to, its not about the level and the money it’s all about having fun :]
    Sorry for the bad grammar, I’m dutch so I’m trying my best

  4. Hiya Bakkerman. Welcome to MMOTales!

    And don’t worry, you’re not crazy. Telling us about your MMO days and MMO related stuff what MMOTales is all about!

    As a side note, I agree. It is about having fun. :3

  5. Welcome to MMOTales! I am The Nazgul, the resident fanfic writer. Enjoy your stay. Watch out for my fell beast.

    -=The Nazgul=-

  6. Fell beast?

    I like it with cereal.

    Welcome to MMOTales!

    I used to have goals in MS too.

    Epic fail.

  7. Haha Nazgul, I will watch out

    Yep goals are a failure the only things in my mind were: be better then your buddys and have more money then they have.
    Or like, train 3 hours straight.
    And now I’m over that!
    Nobody needs goals :]

    thanks Annikabelle, Nazgul and Zerofox!

  8. Welcome to MMOTales! This is a Site of Blogs, fights and randomosity, And its cool that you like MapleStory, because if you don’t, you don’t really fit in (Its what happened to meh, WoW took over me life, stopped playing MS, and MMOT started becoming a barely-looked at Site, ), But welcome

    I’m Deathwalker, Yeah,

  9. Welcome to MMOTales! GL on your mage. Pity you quit your WK though, What server do you play on? Here’s a welcome not courtesy of Annikabelle.

    Annikabelle said: “HIIIIIIIIIII .


    Don’t get involved in any flame wars .
    [Advice by Dest1, I suppose .]

    Talk about MMO-Related stuff .

    Don’t Spam .
    [I once spammed. Note the past tense. *Nods at Ink*]

    Blog about MMO-related stuff .

    Be nice <3

    And I dare you to post crude comments, or ones that are classified under ‘heartless’ .

    Don’t talk 1337 .

    Type properly, legibly, don’t use short forms too often, and use paragraphs <3

    Don’t rant about hackers; we’ve had enough of blogs debating whether hackers are [*Negatives*] or not.

    Don’t make popularity blogs .

    Read the rules if in any doubt .

    Don’t cuss .

    Do not make one-liners unless there’s a comic in it . 8D

    Blog about your ENTIRE MMO DAY not just a section .

    Do not start a flame war . Doing any of the above can cause one. If you dislike someone of MMOT, don’t say it. Just ignore the person.

    Anything irrelevant to MMO can go in Profil3 <3

    *Shakes your hands with great force*

    – *Hands you a MuffinMallow*

    Try it .

    Its delicious <3

    And not poisoned .

    -Tries to hide poison bottle behind back-

    *Snaps fingers*

    Greetings, you are now completely under my control . You will obey the rules, and do everything as mentioned above, to prevent yourself from being burnt .

    And you SHALL obey all of the above, or I’ll hunt you down .

    Beware of the fluffy parakeets waving the pillows of feathers at the cow jumping over the orange singing “We wish you a merry Christmas” completely off key, because cows can’t sing for an ice cream watch. The orange screams, and jumps off the cupboard just to find a tsunami screaming that the sky was falling and penguins were riding on sea turtles! Run because a guy in a Halloween costume turned into a dwarf and is currently raiding a sweet shop, and ignoring the coconuts being thrown on him by radioactive lizards! >;O

    Fifteen men on a dead men’s chest!
    Yo-hoo ~ and a bottle of rum!
    What are you doing, you parakeets!
    Don’t squish the captain’s feet!
    The ship’s doctor’s face turned red-
    OH CURSE IT, he cried!

    And the pirates were sued by a bunch of parrots that were actually illegally transported ladybirds who ate beds. The fluffy pillow was impaled by a nuclear weapon when a pirate hypnotized a piece of bread. The pirate jumped off a seashell when he realised that cats were extraterrestrial monsters that were taking over earth, and still couldn’t believe it even when a wall thermometer slapped him in the brain! The deceased captain rose in his coffin and mumbled that he had a great sleep, and he petrified his mourners who were eating purple caterpillars and being drunk. Then he rode on shark, and bought a circus, and called it “JAWS” and made a movie, which led to the prejudice of sharks.

    Welcome to MMOTales <3

  10. Another beta tester? That’s two in one day! It’s a revolution!

    I still don’t understand why people are introducing themselves.


    BLEAGH. Stinks of USI ._.;

  11. I know the only concrete goals I ever had was to save up enough mesos just to afford me my next equipment set, and that was it. XD The whole levelling up thing wore off for me after my x2 EXP card expired and left me feeling like a zombie. Not good. >>

    Welcome to MMOtales.

  12. Life said: “Believe in iSPADE, and he shall gift you with existence’s ultimate reward.”


  13. Not too much point setting up level goals . There is a limit you know

    And welcome to MMOTales :]

  14. Bakkerman said: “Haha, I like profil3 :] and I like MMO tales too, I hadn’t except I would have comments so soon! thanks!
    And Nass just talking is fun to, its not about the level and the money it’s all about having fun :]
    Sorry for the bad grammar, I’m dutch so I’m trying my best





    not that you can leave or anything. . . .*shifty eyes*


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