The Good, the Bad, and the… Argh, NVM.

Well, I was grinding my way to level 23 at the 1st cave left of Sleepy Wood. Some level 25 warrior was KSing me and picking up any items I was too busy to take. Well, we partied, and it was fun (but quiet!) for about 15 minutes. But then he went AFK on a ladder, and I kicked him to he wouldn’t leach. When he came back, we partied again. He must have had bad stats, because he was only fighting Horny Shrooms, leaving the zombies to me. I was at the 2nd “stair” down, fighting 13 zombies and 5 horny shrooms, when a zombie dropped an axe. I was too busy to take it, and was still fighting, when my “Ally” was knocked of the cliff above me by a horny shroom. He saw the axe and ran for it. He picked it up, tried to run, and died. When he returned after a stay at the sauna, I asked for the axe back, since i was low on money and had only a few orange pots. At first, he pretended not to know what the heck I was talking about, but eventualy, he said that since HE killed the shroom, HE deserved it. I told him that he was being stupid, so he defamed me. I kicked him from the party and CCed, and never saw that little noob again.

I got bored leveling, so I killed a few more zombies, and finished the “ZOMG! KILL 99 ZOMBIES! LAWL!” quest. I was VERY low on HP, and had no pots, so I was worried about dieing. But a high-leveled mage was passing, so I followed his trail of destruction. In sleepy Wood, I thanked him by faming him. So he gave me 50 white pots. I added him, and he became my friend! YAY! A NICE PERSON ON GLOBAL! OMG!

After going back in, I partied a new warrior. He was lvl 24, so we had fun. When he saw I wasn’t using special abilities, he gave me 200 blue pots . I gave him 6 bronze plates and all my orange pots, and he thanked my by giving me white pots. We both killed mobs until I told him I was going to curse eye caves to lvl. (I find curse eyes easier to kill then zombies, if you can explain that.) He said he needed 50 tails for a quest, so we went. I gave him 48 tails(he had 2, and needed 50). So he finished the quest, and I leveled up on evil eyes. Then I suicided by running into the Drake caves (what’s a lvl up without a suicide run? Thanks silverFX for giving me the idea to suicide.) Then I logged out.

I wanted to go to the “Secret Spa” to enjoy myself, but I COULDN’T GET IN! So I looked on Hidden Street, and saw that IT WAS FOR SEA ONLY! GRAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WASTED 3K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok, im done.

I did a few PQs, and then went to the Orbis Tower to kill Sentitels till lvl 25, when I will go back to PQing.

PS: Anyone got myth plates on Bera? I need to buy 2, so that i can FINALLY have a myth Viking Helmet.

PSS: I told the second warrior I partied that I will have all my friends on MMO Tales to SPAM FAME HIM! So, next blog I’ll remember his name, so that you guys can spam fame him! will you? Please? If you do, SHOW NO MERCY! FAME TILL HE DIES!

PSSS: Who has a berra acount on global? I NEED FRIENDS! WAH!!!!!!

9 thoughts on “The Good, the Bad, and the… Argh, NVM.”

  1. Thanks silverFX for giving me the idea to suicide.

    Taken out of context, that can so give people the wrong idea. ><

    Nice blog.

  2. When you said zombies , I was thinking of zombies as in not the zombie mush .

    And I thought you were some kind of godly dude

  3. Wow, I really honestly enjoyed this blog– A LOT. Good job . & Congrats on all your levels, that’s pretty exciting. Also, sorry about your axe, hope you get an even better one soon. XD

    ipod123432 said: “Try Broa! *advertise*

    Pssst. Scania has cookies!

  4. Khaini’s so awesome, even the guild hackers couldn’t resist going after it first.

  5. Quote:repty : When you said zombies , I was thinking of zombies as in not the zombie mush .

    And I thought you were some kind of godly dude ”

    I like to think I am an awesome dude, but not godly.

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