Kill it, kill it with FIRE!

Title stolen from Chugworth, inapprociate at times sure, but I’m not linking anything ;x

Disclaimer: This is not a generalisation

Describes my opinion about some people though, I mean, let’s start with NX! Yay, I know I’m rather negative towards NX in general and yes I “should be happy they are paying for my game“, but the attitudes of some people… ’cause y’see, whether it’s those 5x-7x’ people ks’ing ’cause they got 2x, smega wars, market corruption with pigmy/gacha, or spamming commands to their pets, well fine, we got past that. But then there’s the following.

A dude I know, Claudeus, high level WK, no NX, assumed to be a hacker. The guy is as legit as can be, but the first NX-kiddy that approaches him is like “No NX + high level + mobbing ability = hax“. You can say; “pix or it didn’t happen” but it won’t help. He’s rather unknown so people just assume he’s a hacker, and for what?

No NX + high level + mobbing ability = hax

Now, though not suffering from being a warrior and having some more name around the community, I used to be called a hacker due the non-NX thing. Well, just press the BL button, lessee, solaris/synergy member on? OK, redirect him to that person, 95% of the time case solved.
Lately quit doing that though, and replied with stuff like “Yes I’m totally hacking, don’t you see all the monsters flying around the map?

But anyway, now people realised I’m not a hacker, it’s like
Why don’t you have NX?
Because my priorities do not equal to MS, I have other means for my irl-mezars.
Why don’t you buy NX with mesos?
Wait- You’re the same person that accused me of hacking earlier aren’t you? Hypocrite much?
Aren’t you envious of NX-users?
How can you train without 2x exp?
If you need 2x exp to train, quit the game because you’re obviously not liking it.
Your NX-less character looks ugly
I’m mainly looking at the monsters’ location, hp bar and mini map when grinding, and even if I would look at my character a lot I wouldn’t care.

It’s becoming a C/P list, and I’m getting tired of it. Therefor I’m tiring other people with it also. ’cause hey, that’s what these blog things are for. [/lolemo]