My Dark(er!) Side

Of course I’d blog about everything after I learn that it’s to be destroyed.
‘S just my luck. Sorry for sharing it with you.

Can you imagine if I was actually like that?! Bhahaha!
Well, it’s me again, generic author number … Well, I don’t know what number I was given when I registered. It wasn’t THAT long after MMOT opened, but we’re not going by the post number of my first blog, of course.

Of course, now that I’ve said that, you’re going to. So I have to warn you…

Do it, and I’ll cut you with a hammer. And hammers aren’t meant to cut, so you know how long that’s going to take.

But actually on topic, it’s been a long road since I’ve started here. Most people haven’t heard all of it (or, indeed, any of it) so let’s recap.

When I started at MMOTales, I’d been working on a Cleric named Aurida for some time. He was around level 53 when I first joined up, and they were happy, fun times. Slow levelling, but hey, it was Maple Story. Have to get used to it, right?
Aurida was made as a result of my Fighter, Rodin, being hacked. Magicians level fast, and with my friend Apollyon holding my stuff while I wasn’t playing, I was able to level him up fairly quickly. For Maple Story, anyway.

The highlights of my Maple Story career… Not the levels, but my friends and my guildmates. The people who were in my own guild, Myrmidon. The one thing I can honestly say I gave to anyone in that game was that guild.

I loved that guild.

But eventually, the levels seemed to go by so slowly… Most of Myrmidon began to leave, most of my friends started to quit. I barely had motivation to play any more. So it was barely a surprise when I left Maple Story to play a different game- Namely, FlyFF.

Though a few friends from my real life started to play that game as well, and I did have quite a good time while it lasted, I lost motivation there as well. I tried game upon game- Trickster, Gunbound, Shattered Galaxy, but none could satiate my taste for a fulfilling online experience.

I disappeared. Still went to school and the like, but I was never online- I hadn’t touched the internet in so long. I played and replayed console games. Wore through a couple gamecube controllers. One day, I’d beaten every game I had, and wondered what to do next. I was THAT bored.

I loaded up Maple Story again. I had my doubts, thought about what I might get into, thought about hitting the ‘cancel’ button on the download quite a few times… but I didn’t. I got back in.

Not the same world as before. Same Rodin, same Aurida, sitting just as I’d left them. More maps, more super megaphone users, more weapons, more Cash Shop items, more monsters, more game abusers. I got back into it for awhile, discovered old friends, made new ones, and tried to rebuild Myrmidon.

That didn’t work either. No matter how hard I fought to stay interested, to think ‘When I’m level 80, it’ll be great!’ I felt it slowly slipping. I made an Assassin to try and make things interesting. I bought NX to try and give myself a reward for leveling. Maple Story was the best shot I had at finding a fun online game to occupy my free time with- but it wasn’t good enough. I quit again.

I browsed MMOTales one more time, considering writing a sappy, self-depreciating blog about how I couldn’t ever stick to one thing. ( Seems it’s what I’m doing now, huh? ) And then I saw a blog that caught my attention.

Maple Story- 1,000-exp mushies are Simply awesome.

I’d heard of private servers before. But never one for Maple Story. I thought that it might as well be my best shot at enjoying the game- and with nothing to lose, I went ahead and signed up for it. I’ve never once regretted that decision.
So on to the part that’s ACTUALLY MMO-RELATED. Oh, for the people who were sick of reading the self-depreciatory stuff…

-+-+- This part’s worth reading! -+-+-

I joined SimpleMS. Seeing as my last character was an Assassin, I made an Assassin-to-be named Tenna. Progressing through the levels fairly quick, but I never ran into anyone I could be friends with. The job advancement went by, and I had no one to congratulate me for completing it. (Not that anyone would, I figured out later, but hey.)

That all changed in a flash when I found Mayuri. My first friend on there- and, as I discovered later, the friend through which I found so many others.

I had friends now. The server had become everything that made a perfect Maple Story server to me- the normal Maple Story game, friends, easy levelling, and to top it off a nearly limitless supply of mesos, potions, and free NX.

Discovered the joys of being a high level.
Training at Himes.
Getting murdered by Crow. >_>
Using Teleport Rocks to invade people’s second job advancements.
Using Teleport Rocks to invade people’s THIRD job advancements. (Dances with Balrog is a wuss when you’re level 141.)
Partnering up to take down Manon and Griffey.
Starting an archer.
Getting her to level 30 within an hour.
The joys of competitive Puppet spamming.
Arrow Rain and Strafe spam.
Starting a spearman.
Getting her to level 30 within a half-hour. (I’ve refined my technique, you see.)
Spear/Polearm Mastery confusion.
Realizing that I’d done the second and third job advancements with all four classes.
Crusher spamming Fake Manons for 774k EXP apiece.
Roar spam at Wolf Spiders.

It’s been legendary. Having started not even a month ago, and I already have a level 140 Hermit, level 104 Dragon Knight, and level 103 Sniper?
This is the game I’ve been waiting for all this time. This is the game Nexon should have made. I’ve looked for four years to find a game I’m willing to play, and I found it.
I love this game.
And I hope Nexon doesn’t take it away.

10 thoughts on “My Dark(er!) Side”

  1. Personally , I don’t find Maple enaging/as fun as you make it out to be . Private server or not ><

  2. Ah heh. Thanks for the help you gave me in SMS.

    @Repty: Well, it’s kinda fun when you don’t have to keep on grinding at one spot. Which is why I don’t level up at all in MSEA; I’m too busy wandering around the place stalking people, lawls.

  3. ‘Gave?’ Past tense? I’m not done yet! I’ma keep riding this gravy train until the cows co- *shot*

    , Well, I’ll make my best effort to be on there in the future. I’m not right now because I’m uploading the files to a friend (can’t get them from the forum, for obvious reasons, ) and I haven’t been because of graduation party set-up/take-down, but I will be soon. (:

  4. Oh eh. I just realised. No more Odin right? That means I have these NX stuff stuck in my inventory that I can’t. . . discard. . .

    Oh darn. >O

  5. Lol, well, I liked the first half but I dislike P-servers for a strange reason
    Just don’t feel right to play one, cause I’m still addicted to the real game
    Nice blog, good way of summing up your maple career!

    ~LaZzz. . .

  6. -agrees with dest-

    ah so ur a guy!

    lawlz ohhh err u can invade pplz job advancemeenst forealz?


  7. SMS needs to find a way to let us drop NX stuff. And like I said to countless others, I’m gonna go apesh** if SMS shuts down.

    -=The Nazgul=-

  8. If OdinMS and SMS shuts down:

    Join LGMS


    Lol, same here! My gaming career has been exactly that!

    We should be friends. Really.

  9. @lazydame: Yeah, I suppose people with a high sense of morality might feel kind of wary of it. Not saying you are one of those people, but it is illegal and the chance of losing all your stuff is always there. But to level up this fast and have GMs that actually do stuff? Shoot.

    @dee: See Froggy. The old Kerning Party Quest gave out quite a few teleport cokes / teleport rocks, which you can use to teleport to literally anywhere. Thusly, I figured why not? (If you do have some, though, it might be wise to use them for other things. You can’t get any more.)

    @BlackNazgul: Well, you can drop NX stuff if you have the Odin client installed, and use that to run Maple instead of the regular one. But, I’m kinda finding it incredibly hard to find now what with the forums being down.

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