7 thoughts on “[LordIsaac Tutorial #1]”

  1. =D No problem! I’ll gladly make comics that are requested, or just inspired by someone asking for a bit of help, like this one.

  2. Rating: 8/10

    -1 : Flawed method: The method shown will fill in the empty area with tan if you select and delete anything.
    -1 : Indecency

  3. Or, you could just use the paint bucket to fill in the white area with blue.

  4. Usually, there would be dots of blue everywhere, which is harder to fix than a single/few clicks of the mouse with the paint bucket. Usually, if you move something and it shows tan, you can easily just fill that in with the original colour with a single click, It works for me, I never said it had to work for anyone else. (I usually actually just change the right-click colour back to white because the cropping and pasting of the characters is only a portion of the comic making process.)

  5. I prefer to use the eraser myself after I paste a character on a background.

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