[LordIsaac Maple Adventures Episode 2]

“What do you mean, you know? So you’ve been tricking us all this time?!” exclaimed Isaac angrily.
“I’m sorry,” said Azzarius, “but I was afraid that you might react poorly and attempt to kill me. I don’t want to harm any of y-”
“I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!” screamed Maila. She grabbed a sharp knife and jabbed it into her chest. Frightened by her action, Sin grabbed Azzarius and Isaac and teleported outside of the restaurant, leaving Maila for dead.
“We have to go back! We can’t just leave her,” said Azzarius.
“No! There’s nothing we can do. She killed herself, and it’s not our fault she did so,” explained Sin.
“Well technically, Azzarius did kill her parents,” said Isaac.
“You JERK! How can you blame me for such a thing! I told you that I was tricked-”
“Will you guys stop fighting?! Can’t you see you’re tearing us apart?” said Sin.
“Goddammit, the last thing we need is a drama queen. Ok, fine, I won’t cause any troubles,” said Isaac.
“Fine, me either,” mumbled Azzarius.

The three of them quickly walked away from the hectic restaurant, which was now on fire. “The first thing we need to do,” said Isaac, “is to find out the source of all these problems, like the “tricking” of yourself, the poor state of Kerning City and the numerous jobs around that are basically high-pay crimes.” So, the three of them went to Henesys to check the place out.

On the way to Henesys, they found a young boy. “FOR GOODNESS SAKE, I’M A GIRL,” said Vicelin.
“I think she needs help,” said Isaac.
“We might need her later, let’s tag her along,” said Sin.
So, Ganzicus put Vicelin in a jar so she wouldn’t have any screen time until later. Eventually, they arrived at Henesys.

“Amazing… this place is so much better than Kerning City,” said Azzarius.
“Wait, are you saying you’ve never been outside Kerning City’s premises?” questioned Sin.
“Umm, well, I’ve been there my whole life. I’ve never actually gone past the L Forest,” explained Azzarius.
Suddenly, a young assassin bumped into Isaac, quickly running away afterwards.
“Goodness, I thought thieves were supposed to be subtle. Do you want to do it, or should I?” said Isaac.
“Ermm, you can do it,” said Sin.
The thief was running around everywhere, dodging all obstacles quite well. Isaac was running through everything the thief dodged, causing a huge ruckus within Henesys. Suddenly, the thief slipped on a banana peel. “AHHH!!!!” screamed the thief.

“That… that… that… should… teach… you… to…”
“Goodness, Isaac. You shouldn’t have wasted your energy like that. It would have been easier to throw a banana peel or something,” said Sin.
Isaac walked up to the assassin and snatched his wallet back. “Good grief, you got my wallet all dirty with your hands. Need some help?”
“Nobody’s ever helped me. Just go away, like the rest of them,” said the assassin.
“What’s your name?” asked Sin.
“My name? Oh… my name is Kaile.”

“Do you know anything about the problems in Kerning City?”
“Oh, yeah. NeoCorp is being run by a bunch of monsters. Wraiths, I think they’re called,” said Kaile.
“Wraiths… Oh geez, the dwellers of the subway?” questioned Azzarius.
“Yeah, those guys. They’re a bunch of weird dudes covering themselves with tablecloths, trying to be scary,” said Kaile.
“Kaile, do you know any way into NeoCorp Headquarters?” questioned Isaac.
“Funny you asked,” said Kaile, “the main entrance is just down the street.”
“Hmm, we need a decoy to lure out the Wraiths…” said Isaac. Everyone turned their head.
“Everybody is looking at me. I like it when they do that. Hi everyone!” said Vicelin.

“So, just say hi to the nice men in tablecloths and ask them if they would like to play with me outside?” questioned Vicelin.
“Yeah, that’s exactly what we want you to do,” said Azzarius.
After several minutes Vicelin went into NeoCorp. Headquarters, she came out, with several Wraiths following her. “Yay! We’re going to play volleyball and basketball and baseball, oohhh, and EVEN SOCCER! FUN FUN FUN!” exclaimed Vicelin. When the Wraiths went into the sunlight, they turned into dust and disappeared.
“Well, that was easy, now wasn’t it…” said Isaac.
“Man, I’m never going to level up if things keep dying without us killing them,” said Sin.
“Well,” said Kaile, “I think we should go into NeoCorperation Headquarters and check it out so I can swipe a few thi- I mean, so we can look for clues!”
“Good idea, I think we’ll do that for the next episode,” said Isaac.

I don’t think I’m going to put comics with my stories. I’ll try to separate them. Anyways, I don’t think I should allow anymore long-term characters, unless I get to kill these long-term characters after like 20 episodes or something. I’m still encouraging people to submit characters, but only short-term characters whom you feel will add to the story, like humour or some sort.

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  1. Because I don’t know the format, I’ll put one in:

    Name: Robb
    Job: KPQ worker
    Personality: Hates kids, but likes pqers and his job. Also prone to bribery. To excuse himself, he puts post-its on the money saying ‘Auto Clicker’, so he doesn’t get GM’ed.
    What he does: Suckers the poor pqers into paying money after they frustrate themselves to their limits. Also manages to sucker Vicelin, because he thinks the pq=’game’.

    Lol, I dunno what I’m talking about. Also short term.

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