Just My Thoughts While Patch Is Updating

So, I am getting ready to log onto Maple for the first time in two months. I am absolutely bored and have nothing better to do.

I am kind of excited to go on and explore some, since I haven’t been on in so long. The only thing is, everyone seems so young… and… well…

I am 17. I’m a senior in high school and I will be going off to college in the fall. I am also gay. Most maplers and 11-14 and straight (both from my experiences and encounters in Maple). Alot of them are also very immature and very, lets say… dedicated… to the game. They take it way too seriously. I just play the game because it is fun and it’s a nice way to kill time. i usually play alone because I don’t hve many ingame friends my level.

I don’t mind playing with straight people, it’s just most of the ones I play with are pretty homophobic-acting. I mean it would be nice to play with another “non-straight” person or a straight person who was more open minded/accepting about things. it would even be a change of pace to play with someone who was a bit more mature than the majority of players. I mean, making a joke here and there or doing something silly doesnt really bother me. It’s when childish things like name calling, item stealing, hacking, purposful KSing, asking people to “CC” because they are in “your” area, getting mad at someone for not knowing how to PQ, and other things get in the way of making the game fun.

I don’t know. I don’t like playing alone. But then i don’t like playing with people who destroy my fun, and who does?

Well, those were just my thoughts. I mostly just wrote them here to kill time while the game was patching. It’s done now, so i’m going to go play.

Thank you for reading!

5 thoughts on “Just My Thoughts While Patch Is Updating”

  1. I just started playing MapleStory again too.

    I am 17 too, but I’m a junior. >.< And I am not gay. =x But I’m not a gaypersonlyncher. I think that’s stupid.I know people who are, though. >.>

  2. Wow, my good friend named Andereus was leader of a clan for only gay, bi, lez, or trans. He was awesome, really funny, and honestly beside the first time he mentioned his orientation I never thought of it, besides when he would flirt with his friends in buddy chat. Homo phobia is just idiotic.

  3. Lol, I never said i felt old (I don’t think). blegh.

    Oh, I play in Scania. My char’s name is Eraen.

    Lol, I was just giving my thoughts. I would love to create or be in a gay friendly guild. But my current guild is full of really cool people. XD

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