my guild

my guild Flash is prob looking for some new guild member soon so msg me cause we are going through rough times.

also i have a friend called Dundush, he is my bff in MS so if you find him say hello from me
another guy i wanna talk about is FriginNinja, he is in my guild we are best buds that can make CPQ intials into “Cuss Party Quest”.. TALK ABOUT LOL!
another friend i wanna talk about is AssassinNay, he is really an ass. Or atleast a pain in one? he quit because he got a lvl 49 cleric which is now prob 52. and a lvl 48 summin.

ANOTHER( yes another) friend i wanna talk about is Fighter2Eat, His parents give him 1 AND A HALF HOURS TO PLAY EACH DAY, NO MATTER WHAT HE PLAYS!!! so i feel sorry for you ( lvl 35 fighter(lol))
Another friend is amitoneroso and he is a Cleric lvl 36 soon 37, we are very competitive and i started when he was lvl 26 ( no time limit) so lol at you sucky.

last one is Manson13. he was my bff but he quit with no notice.. he is in my guild and is stuck on 26. every time me and flashzeroex( my lead) are logged in i ask him: “wheres manny?” and he says: “dunno he been away”. If you read this Manny… Flash misses you!!!

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  1. Could you please maybe combine all your recent blogs?
    Thanks because theres a limited amount of space and 3 short blogs in a row like this is spammy

  2. This feels like a mega.
    And it aint nice to openly talk about the private spaces of your friends.
    Even if i did,i kept their names a secret. I Respect them see.

  3. *prods Eona* It’s only IGNs. >_O I tell the entire site your IGN all the time. ;D

  4. Do not start a blog to solicit your website or guild.

    >< No good. *swishes rapier*

  5. pirkid said: “Do not start a blog to solicit your website or guild.

    >< No good. *swishes rapier*”

    no rapier

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