WoW, Weaboos

I haven’t updated in a while, mainly because I haven’t played an MMO until recently (this past month).

If anyone ever asked me whether I enjoyed playing MMOs, I could only honestly say that I enjoy it… sometimes.

But I can get into it.

(Skip if you don’t give a crap about WoW-This might not make sense since I don’t retain info about WoW very well, also I am very newby)
I’ve moved into retail WoW. I ended up getting the Battle Chest after some peer pressure. The entire fact that I play Warcrap is peer pressure, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy playing. Almost every friend I’ve had on Maple has moved on to playing WoW. Despite owning Guild Wars, WoW has been the first 3D MMO that I’ve tried playing seriously. To be honest, I’m extremely low level and I have a lot of difficulty playing (I don’t listen or read hehheh). I’ve been playing Draenei since I went out and bought it.

Initially, I was supposed to play a Blood Elf mage in Gurubashi (I do but rarely) because my friend wanted to play with his friend as a Horde character. And uh if you know me, I can’t play something that ugly, so it was necessary that I got Burning Crusade. However, up until a certain point (in that starting area thingy), I had no trouble doing quests, but after that it became impossible for me to do crap myself. I went back to playing my Draenei hunter in Delsomethingvinegar, however compared to the mage, it was extremely weak and I didn’t get it and I threw a hissy fit and made a mage.

I’ve been playing the mage ever since and feel like I’m getting pretty far but I still feel bad about not playing in Gurubashi with my friend. He offered to help me to level 10 (like I said, I’m newby and have a lot of difficulty) but after that I’d have no way of standing on my own two feet. I guess not playing a repulsively ugly character has a price.

I still stand by my argument that it’s not my fault that other races of Horde are ass-ugly.

I don’t mind the WoW community as much as I thought I would. People don’t talk much. I also kinda got freaked out when people ran up to me, buffed me, and ran away. I kept asking my friend if I was supposed to thank them or something, but apparently I’m not. I’ve only encountered one really, really, really annoying person. Some chick kept spamming for someone to take her to the ship/boat thing, then she turned to me and told me that I stole her look (all Draenei females look the same to me, anyways).

I also bumped into someone in my friend’s guild named DarkDragoona. How weird is that?! Eh, Lee? haha

I’ve logged onto Maple and trained a bit during the time before I went and bought retail and after my trial ran out (I met Joe online for the same reason, his WoW expired). No one is on or they deleted me. Everything is almost the same, people have their same inane conversations, people still smega their drama, people still beg for everything. However, seeing as how I am at 68 and 79%, I might get on a few times. I don’t want to consider a private server at this time, I don’t like the idea of it too much. The few people I still talk to on Maple are usually AFK.

I don’t mind playing WoW. It’s slightly less embarassing than playing Maple (it looks like a kids’ game so playing it in public might lead to mockery). I was hanging around with my laptop, avoiding my sister’s weaboo friends who were heading to Japan the next day, (they depress me) and my ex-boss’s hubby was all excited over WoW. If anyone bothered reading this far, would you happen to know if I can play WoW while in China (Woo! Beijing ’08!)?

Speaking of weaboos, and I don’t mean to offend anyone… much…
I’m happy to notice that there aren’t a bazillion people named Naruto on WoW (you can’t use numbers). It’s not that I’m not tolerant of Japanese culture, but the idea of a culture or nation as a novelty. My sister has no problem running around with her weaboo friends or being their pet Asian but I don’t think of that as cultural tolerance of diversity. It’s ignorant. Hate isn’t the only product of ignorance, stupidity and fanaticism is as well. I get really tired of people thinking watching anime is broadening their cultural horizons. I know that I’m not the only Asian made uncomfortable by this…

Anywho, I was hoping to make an interesting update since I’m so excited to be playing an MMO again. I’ve also been waiting on playing NeoSteam (steampunk fan) but it never works out. I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to play WoW anyway since I have to save money for my trip to China AND buy a Nerf Maverick and supplies to mod it.

Weird video for an awesome song… and then there’s Eric Estrada…

8 thoughts on “WoW, Weaboos”

  1. WoW in China?
    uhh. I’m not sure what the Great Firewall would to do an attempt :S

  2. LOL Great Firewall
    Never heard that one, gonna use it

    And I know people in China play WoW (I bought a magazine in Dalian with a WoW coloring booklet), I just don’t know if I can play, and uh in English

  3. There are a lot of holes in the Great Firewall, made with great skill and determination.

  4. “It’s slightly less embarassing than playing Maple (it looks like a kids’ game so playing it in public might lead to mockery).”

    I’ve gotta agree that playing Maple in public is embarrassing, I bring my laptop to school and sometimes during breaks in lectures I wanna fire up Maple and wallop a monster or two for some quick exp but the thought of my classmates sniggering behind me are rather deterring.

    And I’ve been entertaining the thought of getting into WoW, but it’s a subscription only game and I am poor, Tell me: Is it really worth the $$?

  5. You should get the 10 day trial or try a private server first so as to save you money and get you used to the game play. I can’t say if it’s worth the money since I’m an idiot with an apparently disposable income, god forbid I save any money. . . uh. . .

    At first I didn’t think it was worth the money but the game itself is pretty fun, I really like the quests and despite the fact that it’s not as aesthetically pleasing as many other games, it meets it’s reputation and I’m there’s a good reason why it’s the most popular MMO on this planet.

    And had my lecture classes had wireless, I’d be playing all in public regardless of what people’d say. I hate lecture classes. They’re stuffy and there’s no cell phone reception and no internet and it’s a punishment.

  6. I am currently falling asleep while my lecturer talks about the warping of space by gravity, zzz, (My uni campus has wireless!)

    I think I’ll have a go at a private server and see how it goes. ^.^

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