My Quest of the Warrior-Drawings!

Hello everyone,I didn’t get to Introduce myself in my last blog very well so in this one i will do so.I wanted to thank my Bf (ShieldedHope) For first of all sticking up for me,when some people on my last blog wasn’t so nice to me.I really appreciated that so much.Every one should add him here because hes one of the nicest and kindest person you’ll ever come by or meet on here.So anyways,On to my newest blog,I’d like to inform you all that my name is Angel Pancake,I’m a level 14 warrior soon to be Page.I’m residing at Mardia right now cause of the great people there and also my bf said it was the best so far.Right now in the game I’m just at the start of becoming a warrior it only took me 2 days or so to get here so yeah.Everyone knows how the first quest are,haha,Easy.

Some of my quest are just getting so hard Lately,haha.And plus I’m afriad of breaking my Ctrl button dued to attacking so much,lol.I’m averageing around 1 and a half levels a day,I’m only on for a while or so.I cant even wait to be level 30 and be a Page soon!!! Sorry for the short blog next one will be much longer i promise…

I been being gave so many items by close friends on here I really like how its easy to make friends on there.My bf is always there to help me too,like a Guide Its pretty awesome having a level 40 mapler helping me every corner,hehe.

I been drawing alot and I just love the way Maple story charactors look so i decided to draw them what do you think??? Good,Bad? haha.Let me know please. look that way. _

Soon I’m gonna join a guild,so it should be cool.But first of all i hope i make allot of friends on MMOtales,I plan to make really long blogs soon as i have some stuff going on,lol.So add me and I’ll add you back.I’ve read some blogs here and looks like a great community!I’ll be sure to keep up frequent blogs here too so yeah thanks everyone for reading My blog. ^_^

(P.S. Is there any html for this site besides bbcode? and url links?) thanks everyone!

8 thoughts on “My Quest of the Warrior-Drawings!”

  1. Nice drawing, but that’s a thief I think. Sorry for being mean before. Can you try drawing a bowman? And GL on your goal to become a Page. Mardian pride (I have a level 20 mage there).


  2. Ooohhh, I just fully read the blog.

    I like eating pancakes that went to heaven and shields full of hope.


  3. Haha how random hahaha.And to ipod123432 sure i can ill do that for my next blog ! and thanks

  4. Awwww, I’ll always be there for you love. Hopefully I can help you more when it comes to this game, alright?

  5. awww i know youll be there thanks so much ,haha you already have haha.

  6. I broke a button on my keyboard before. I was getting angry because my finger kept hitting the key for regular attack (L) instead of my mage’s heal (K), and instead of thinking through and just changing the keys around, I took my thumb and smashed it into the L as hard as I could, and the thingy underneath snapped (pretty sure I was PMSing). I ended up having to buy a new keyboard. It was retarded.

  7. Lo Vicelynnl, the moral of the story: Choose love, not hate!

    Nice drawing (Though the face looks a lil distorted lol)

  8. Nice one, Vicelin.
    But I find that, in those cases, I go hitting the previous key even after I switch it around, so I end up switching it back again. >.>

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