a blog with pictures on it yay!(sarcasm)

im so happy to be back in mmotales.com after a couple of years.

i have about 4 accounts of strong maple characters (because my friends are quitting maple and were happy enough to give me their account names and passwords, how lucky am i?). and dont think that i have weak characters of my own because i have strong characters that i trained myself.

i am a member of 5 different guilds, i am a leader of 2 of them. i mastered the hacking system, but i use it when i REALLY need it. i dont use it all the time, (well…when no one`s looking lol…. i dont use it when im training)

here are some pics of me with my friend`s accounts…no offence but they`re idiots…why would they give me their accounts?

oh and the last pic is my ragnarok acc. i dont know why i put it there lol

oh and anoher thing….i was playing maple DS in japanese(i dont really know what language is that), it was my friends….(i feel spoiled, lmao!)

plz dont say something stupid

10 thoughts on “a blog with pictures on it yay!(sarcasm)”

  1. ‘Something stupid.’

    Okay, that being said and done. The next thing that came to me was that those pictures look like pictures SSed and ripped off YouTube videos. >_o If you had access like you said, why wouldn’t you upload the full sized SSes? *fishy*

    And that’s Korean. Perhaps you were playing it in this video, right at 00:22, hm?

  2. hm, they look alittle familiar. im guessing it`s from youtube, how about show us the REAL accounts that you “own” if you have any, you liar

  3. Someone got owned. Let’s see. . . *channels Mip*

    Pix or it didn’t happen. *nods*

  4. ‘here are some pics of me with my friend`s accounts, no offence but they`re idiots, why would they give me their accounts?’
    Dude thats Low.

    Even i dont treat my friends like dogs,unlike you.

  5. I think he was trying to point out the pictures were fake with the (sarcasm) thing up thereĀ…


  6. Keyboard smashy name,
    Youtube vid pictures
    Treats friends like dirt
    We either got a really stupid basiler or just some moron trying to show off

    This is the DarkDragoon saying I have not left thee MMOT

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