Not a good day! D:<

Today was such a crappy day. In all aspects.

My mother forced me to go visit my grandmother today. She’s in the hospital so she told me that she would want to see me. I didn’t want to go because 1) the rest of my family are annoying; 2) she doesn’t care if I come; and 3) I would have preferred to play games! To top it off, I had to get a ride from my elitist cousin. She criticizes my hair, my clothes, and my lifestyle. I had to hear it for almost the entire ride. Then when I get to the hospital, I go to greet my grandmother says to me, “What did you come here for?” Man, was I pissed. My other cousins were there. One of them kept encouraging me to come visit her one day but I know that means “babysit my kids.” She always wants someone to watch her kids. I don’t blame her though because I wouldn’t trust them by their selves either. At least, not the boys. Anyway, we wait for the surgeon to get there and my grandmother’s upset that my mother is making all of the decisions regarding her treatment. She wants her precious grandson to do it. I wouldn’t even trust that guy with my cat. The guy always runs to his wife to make the decisions for him anyway. I’m digressing… We wait there from around 12 to 6 and the surgeon never showed up. Waste of time.

My stepfather calls me like around the time we leave the hospital and tells me to hurry up home. Why? So we can “go together and vote for Obama.” =| The man is creepy. I tell him that I don’t want to vote (yeah, I’m part of the cancer that is killing America) and he starts going on about how I need to pull myself together. My mom overhears me talking to him. She takes the phone and starts yelling at him about how he shouldn’t be telling me who to vote for. I mean I was going to vote for Obama but I knew Hillary was going to win (my friend is so happy about her win, even though she’s republican. *sweat*). So yeah now it’s Hilary vs McCain. I think McCaiin’s going to win though.

So, I finally get home and I’m looking forward to hours upon hours of leveling. ^o^

Maple doesn’t connect.
Perfect World goes under maintenance 10 minutes after I logged in. I was kicked from my guild but I’m not too worried because most of them were inactive anyway. I just wanted a pretty tag above my name.
Secret of Solstice doesn’t work after downloading the patch.
D: What is this?!

Later on, I go to the Chinese store for a quick bite. It’s closed. I walk to two other restaurants and they too are closed. Then I realize, “Oh, Chinese new year.” I wasted half an hour of my life walking because I didn’t think. I got Kennedy’s instead and the guy is flirting with me. He can’t believe that I have a Muslim name and I’m American. -.- All of that talking and he couldn’t give me a bag.

Sorry for the mini-rant. It doesn’t have much MMOing in it at all. Next time I’ll have a better one.
Promise. ◕‿◕

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  1. Fenrir said: “Muslim. . .In america. . .

    You must’ve gotten a lot of crap from people. =/”

    No, not at all. I’m not Muslim but people still ask. Most people don’t even know what my name means. I usually get comment from Arabic people because they know what my name means (Amirh=Princess). I guess it’s a big kick for them, for some reason. o_O

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